Warn Your Pastor!

(- By Pastor Moses Alu)

Our Apostle Paul has laid a curse on any minister who preaches any other gospel contrary to what the Apostles have preached (Gal. 1:6-9).

Many preachers have gone out of the Bible and are preaching all manners of heresies. Nevertheless it is written, preach the word, be instant in season, out of season, for the time has come when church goers are not enduring sound doctrine but after their own lusts are heaping to themselves teachers with itching ears and are turning away their ears from the truth unto fables (2 Tim. 4:1-5).

God desires gallant Ministers who will stand for the Truth even if it will cost them their financial support, popularity and friends.



He should stop making merchandise of you (2 Pet. 2: 1-3).

The gifts of the spirits are freely given and Pastors are to minister freely to God’s people. The gifts are not for making money (Matt. 10:1&8).

It is contrary to the scripture to trade with the gifts.



It is an insult to the Christian faith for any church to encourage their sisters to participate in fashion parades or beauty contest. (Deut. 23:17-18; Num. 25:1-5).

These are worldly activities that have no spiritual significance.



It is wrong to collect Tithes, Offerings and Vows from members of the congregation who are involved in shady deals e.g. Fraudsters, Prostitutes, Ritualists, Corrupt Money Bags, Bribe Takers etc. If the Pastor is sincere, let him tell this to the people during every offering. It is an abomination (Deut. 23:18).

By the number of offerings taken during each fellowship you know the purpose of setting up that Church.



It is wrong, warn him to stop lying that God told him that a certain number of people should bring a specific amount of money for a particular project in the church, when God did not say so. Such a Pastor is under very serious judgement. 2 Cor. 9:7, Deut 16: 16-17 tell us that offerings should be made willingly and as able.

The practice of stating the minimum amount and even waving your offerings so that people will see how much you are offering are all unscriptural. Offerings are done in secret (Matt. 6:1-4).

Even in the building of the temple, the people gave willingly and not by task (1 Chron. 29:6-9).

Ministers must follow the admonishment of Paul for the need to maintain their integrity before God and the congregation (1 Thes. 2: 4-5, Acts 20:33-35).



She is carrying out a responsibility that is not hers. She is not in the will of God no matter the anointing. God has placed every believer in a specific position to serve Him. Apostle Paul thus set the Church in order and thereby forbids woman leadership in the Church. He even gave the reason in 1 Tim. 2:11-14 and told them concerning any matter being settled in the church, women are to keep silent and find out from their husbands only at home. (1Cor. 14:34-38). This was not written only to the Corinthians as some renegade Pastors teach. Paul said it was to all Christians in all Churches till Jesus returns. (1Cor. 1:1-2).

The positions of authority in the Church are Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors as in Eph. 4:11-16.

Deacons are Church Wardens whose qualifications are given in 1 Tim. 3:8-13. None of these offices belong to the woman.

The Revised Standard Version (RSV) in Rom. 16:1 referred to Phoebe as a deaconess. This is an unscriptural term injected into the scriptures in 1950 by Satan through unrevelational translators. In the KJV she is called Servant of the church and her duty was to carry Paul’s epistles from one local church to the other. The Bible says that the deacon should be the husband of one wife. Nowhere does it say that deaconess should be the wife of one husband. (1 Tim. 3:12) When God has set a standard, let no man revise it.

No woman liberation movement in the church. The woman lost the equality position-wise since the fall in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:16). Do not misconstrue Paul’s meaning in (Gal. 3:28). Yes, we are all one in Christ Jesus being all redeemed by the same Blood. But when it comes to leadership offices as servants of God, to take care of the Sheep and the Pulpit, Paul says woman should keep silent and not usurp authority over the man. The woman should not give instructions to the man either at home or in the Church. The Bible has no room for woman Evangelist, Deaconess, Ushers and woman Pastor including the Pastor’s wife if she is one.



Remind him that Heb. 13:4 is still effective today. It is wrong to wed any couple that have defiled themselves before the wedding date, by sleeping with each other or where the woman is already pregnant before the wedding date. They have sinned and must be told to repent and not celebrate their sin. God is against all ungodly fashion trends in the pentecostal churches and their new generation Pastors who permit micro-mini, back dresses, tights, shaba, see-through, low-neck and show blouses, form-fitting dresses, body hugs, hot pants, etc. Women who wear such commit adultery each time a man lust after them. (Matt. 5:28). Christian couples have no right to even kiss each other until they are pronounced husband and wife by the Pastor. It is abomination. A Church that stands for holiness will not encourage that. Tell your Pastor to stop kissing other men’s wives and single sisters while claiming. 1 Thess. 1:5:26 to justify his action.



Ask him where he got these titles from: Rev (Dr.) Mrs., Rt. Rev., Most Senior Apostle, Arch Bishop, His Eminence, His Holiness, Commander, Pope, etc, Who made him God’s General? The Apostle who brought us the gospel told us they are our example. What title did they bear? Jesus himself warned us of this Spirit. Please read Matt. 23:1-2, and if you are sincere you will not take any title that is unscriptural.

Drop them now and humble yourself. Jesus Christ, your master was so common even among the twelve Apostles that they needed a Judas to identify Him to the enemy. Pastor, remove that special seat you kept and decorated for yourself and your wife in the Church. Remove that special robe that distinguished you and your wife from the members of the Church. As we see today so-called pentecostal bishops wear crosses hanging in front of them like their catholic masters. That was not known with the Lord Jesus and His Apostles. The Pastor is now too big to even carry his own Bible. He has employed someone to carry it for him when he goes to the pulpit. By this he simply tells the congregation that he is bigger than the Bible or it is too heavy for him to carry. That is pride, God hates it (Pro. 6: 16-19).

NOTE: That today before you can be crowned a pentecostal bishop, you must have built a big auditorium and have paid a deposit of at least NGN 2.5m Naira to their organization. In the Bible, a bishop is a mere preacher or an elder. Every member of the five fold ministry (Eph. 4:11) is a bishop or an overseer. There can be more than one bishop in one local church (Philippines 1:1-2). This is the apostolic practice. To put one bishop over many congregation as they do today is anti-Christ; a carry-over from the Roman catholic church which the Bible called the mother of harlots (Rev. 17:5).



It is no longer the church of Jesus Christ when he sets up the church as his business empire i.e. the husband is the general overseer (chairman), his wife assistant overseer (managing director), while the children or relations are in charge of their financial collection (business proceed). Acts 6:1-6 tells us the ministers should have no business with welfare and finances of the church.

Deacons are to be elected by the church to take care of that. Your Pastor has no business being the signatory to the church account; though he oversees and coordinates the activities of the entire church. What was the position of Peter’s wife in the Apostolic church? But we all see how church leaders are cleverly grooming their wives to take over the “business empires” when they die. The true church of Jesus Christ does not run as a family business.



To stop teaching people how to speak in tongues. Nobody taught disciples how to speak in tongues on the day of Pentecost (Act 2:4) nor did Peter teach Cornelius and his household how to speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance not as the Pastor taught them. Speaking in tongues is only one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:1-11).
Also, 1 Cor. 12:27-31 tells us that all cannot speak in tongues. 1 Cor. 14:23 tells us that if a stranger enters the church and hear everybody speaking in tongues he would think the people are mad. The church order for operating the gifts is clearly given in 1 Cor. 14:1-33.

If there is no interpretation then speak it to yourself in your closet, not in the church. (1 Cor. 14:10) warns against just speaking of what you don’t know because you may be cursing God without knowing. Don’t you know that demons also speak in tongues and even prophesy? Be sure your gift is not the one your Pastor gave you but the one you received supernaturally by the Holy Spirit. And every true gift will line up with Bible irrespective of what the church believes.



A church with a headquarters, with branches all over, having appointed and paid ministers to watch over these branches, sending tithes and offering to the headquarters is not scriptural. All local assemblies are sovereign and responsible to the leadership of the Holy Ghost alone and not receiving instructions from any headquarters on what to preach etc.

The church must be run the apostolic way. When through evangelism a local church comes up and an able minister prayerfully selected is ordained to oversee that assembly, he is not to be taking instructions from any headquarters but only liaised with other ministers as the need may arise. He is independent. Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly caught this revelation and granted independence to the branches recently. Every true Pastor must also do the same. There is no denomination in the Bible.

Dear Reader: Note the following Prophecies: 1 Tim. 4:1-2, 2 Tim. 3:1-9, 2 Tim. 4:1-4, 2 Pt. 2: 1-3, Jude 3-23, Tit. 1:10-16, 2 Cor. 11:1-15, Rom. 16:17-19. (Please read these scriptures thoughtfully).

They all speak of the conditions of the church at the end time. You and I know they are fulfilled now. People have departed from the faith. The grace of God has come down with a message of RESTORATION of the church back to the apostolic doctrine and faith.  Isaiah 48:20; 52:11; 2 Cor. 6:14-18 and Rev. 18:1-4 are crying out to true believers to come out of the erroneous assemblies and faiths and return to the word. This is our sincere attempt to draw your attention to some of the abominations that have crept into the church, as was the case in Israel (Is. 28:8-10). These self-called Pastors are fulfilling prophecies; therefore do not fear to change your Pastor or denomination, if necessary. You are to run for your life.

And damn the consequences in standing for the truth. God started the church with RECONCILIATION MINISTRY and because of what heresies have done to the christian faith; God is ending the programme with the RESTORATION MINISTRY.

He planted a pure word-based church at pentecost as seen In the New Testament. If that church brings out a branch, it must look, believe and teach the same. We are that branch and the harvest is near. Be restored to the Bible truth of the hour. For more information on the subject of restoration and free sermon books preached by the man God has used to spear head this restoration; send your feedback and comments to us via this blog.

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  1. Gud day sir my name is pter from niger state am a member of christ apostolic church. sir, i av sme question i would lik to ask am a bit confuse
    -Is sunday a sun-worship cause in dictionary and through my research in bible sabbath day is saturday?
    -There are some churches that wear ear rings and chains but preach about salvation but not often
    -is it right for a prophet who cast out demon during interrogation how a demon enter someone and d demon kept silent and he said the demon is very stupid and all sort of insult
    -is it right for a man of God n member to use palm top to preach in church service. I av a lot to ask and may God give me d grace

    1. – There are some churches that wear ear rings and chains but preach about salvation but not often
      From the scriptural point of view, wearing of earrings, bangles and chains by a Christian is not right. The books of Jeremiah 4:30, Exodus 21:6 and 1 Timothy 2:9 are clear in their condemnation. While the old testament provisions see it as enslavement and an easy way of attracting reproach unto oneself, the new testament condemnation (in 1 Timothy 2:9) sees it as worldliness. Yet the bible reminds us that though we are IN the world, we ought not be OF the world, partaking in its sins, filthiness and human doctrines.

      The book of Isaiah 4:1 tells a parable of what will happen in the end time church. It says in that day, seven(7) women (representing the seven church ages, the seventh(7th) being the present Laodecian church; Revelation 3:14) will hold unto one man (representing Jesus Christ the husband man) desiring to answer His name but continue to eat their own bread (that is their own worldly doctrines), wearing their own apparel (worldly dressings) to run away from the reproach of being seen a heathen!

      – is it right for a prophet who cast out demon during interrogation how a demon enter someone and the demon kept silent and he said the demon is very stupid and all sort of insult
      On the issue of deliverance during which the minister insulted the demon for being silent, I believe he was merely cracking a joke. Otherwise, he needed to issue a command rather than insult as demons cannot leave anyone based on insulting words.

      – Is sunday a sun-worship cause in dictionary and through my research in bible sabbath day is saturday?
      Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the law of sabbath. We worship on Sunday because that is the day of His resurrection.

      – is it right for a man of God n member to use palm top to preach in church service. I av a lot to ask and may God give me d grace
      It is my personal opinion (not scripture) that it is better to use the bible than PalmTop/Laptop as one could easily underline or shade points of relevance in the bible for future bible reading/study.

      1. I agree to all your teachings but I totally disagree with the issue of Sabbath, there’s nowhere the Bible says we should celebrate his resurrection neither His birth so y deviate from answering the truth of the Sabath.
        Sabbath is an issue of today’s worship.
        Rev13 clearly stays we should come out of her(church) that is drunk of the wine of Babylon.

    2. How nice to find this website about my cucrhh. Even though I am 50 miles away I can check in and see what is happening. My mother, Laura Atherton, was one of the ladies that founded the cucrhh back in the 40 s. I was baptized and joined the cucrhh when I was 12 (1944). My husband and I were married there in 1950 and all 7 of our children were baptized there and we all attended up until about 1994 when I retired and we moved to Michigan. We miss all our wonderful friends at Central Park. Sincerely, Olive Gomoll.

  2. am so happy i met ur satellites broadcast services now am alive, WITH UR TEACHINGS , I MUST BE IN HEAVEN, tell the symbols of holy ghost , and how will i know i have it,

  3. – to me i prefer underlining a bible passage with pencil rather than biro
    – most christain nowadays have turn there bible to bank, putting money in the bible is it right?
    – sir you said a woman can not be ordained as a pastor, preacher or an evangelist but in the bible we have prophetess
    – sir why is it that if a church God call a prophet to dwell when the prophet is gone the church begin to pervert from the gospel lord have mercy! Example: christ apostolic church, cherubim and seraphim

    1. Good to hear! Is it Westminster? Okay, I can’t remember the name it’s West sotmehing but the one Nomi & I saw this weekend, with all the natural light? It looked great from the outside! Not the rustic church with a bell though. Looking forward to the big day!

  4. l need a copy of the above warning for a better understanding of the word which was in beginning and today.

  5. Havinng reqd this I believed it was extremely
    enlightening. I ppreciate you taking the time and effort to put this information together.
    I once again find myself sspending way too much time botrh reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it wwas still worth it!

  6. My brother suggested I might like this web site.
    He was entirely right. This post truly made
    my day. You can not imagine simply how muych time I had
    spent for thiks information! Thanks!

  7. what about a woman who has a calling to te ach or preach the word? if a woman believes $ manifests e fruit of e spirit ie she is evidently a true Christian but still has “attachments ” ,will she go to hell? or can one go to hell bec of attachments?

    1. The bible standards cannot be revised or reversed. From the scriptural point of view, wearing of attachments, earrings, bangles and chains by a Christian is not right. The books of Jeremiah 4:30, Exodus 21:6 and 1 Timothy 2:9 are clear in their condemnation. While the old testament provisions see it as enslavement and an easy way of attracting reproach unto oneself, the new testament condemnation (in 1 Timothy 2:9) sees it as worldliness. Yet the bible reminds us that though we are IN the world, we ought not be OF the world, partaking in its sins, filthiness and human doctrines. We cannot willfully broaden the narrow path that leads to heaven. If you have the Holy Ghost, He will direct you appropriately. Sin is sin. Shalom.

  8. I am very happy and I thank God for this revelation. Now plse if yr a teenager and u have caught the revelation, hw can u share it with yr pastor with boldness? Bc they will always say that yr too small, you dont know bible. They say ur ignorant and being decieved. Sir plse what can I do to show them the right thing.?

  9. GOD blees u for opening the eyes of many pple with the truth brother. Now what can I do since am a teenager who has caught the revelation. Hw can I talk to my pastor bc he tells me am ignorant, I dont know the mystery behind christianity. He says am being decieved bc of my young age. Sir, in my church there none of the gifts operating. He says a woman can pastor a church. Sir I feel unconfortable in church. What can I do brother?

  10. Good morning sir. I really appreciate you for the good message u ve brought in revealing the true word of Jesus christ to us. it is so unfortunate today, that the church of Christ is sleeping behind while the world is drastically crippling into the church. The truth is no longer preached as people now see God to be so merciful to put them in hell thereby doing whatsoever they desire. May the Lord increase you the more n may his grace always stand sure in your life in Jesus name. (Amen)

    1. take out time separately to seek counsel from God and matured ministers of God. then make your decision based on the counsel but make sure that God’s opinion stands above all including your own will

    1. It’s nice to see that you have researched this topic, provided good quality information and presented interesting points that compel your readers to think. I appreciate the effort you put into your content. Thank you.

  11. Thank you sir for this message but i have a question on women leadership in Church , i watch your message in Hope of Glory and you answered one sis, that women can evangelize in bus(woman Evangelist) or anywhere or prophesy , following the rule in Eph 4:11 they are among the five fold ministry that are leaders in church. could you through more light to this

  12. Am so happy about bridetv. Am truely bless eva since i came in contact with pastor moses alu. GOD will bless u so much thanks.

  13. Good day.
    Sir, I heard in one of your messages that a person is not a christian unless he has the holy ghost. That made me to believe that those who have not received the holy spirit are called believers and not Christians.
    But I heard a statement that not all Christians are of Christ.
    I’m somehow confused.

    explanation needed

    1. Just simply saying that it is not all who claim to be christians that are of Christ Jesus that is what that statement mean when you heard not all christians are of Christ

  14. Sir please could you throw more light on this statement i normally hear you saying, that is, ”once save, forever saved”

    1. Shalom,
      The earring is for a symbol which is seen and is well explained in Exodus 21:1-6 as a symbol of Slavery while the Wedding ring: as the Bride of Jesus Christ what makes you the bride is that you are identified with the sealing of the Holy Ghost which is the token (symbol) given to you as a bride. So also the wedding ring is a symbol of engagement. What makes you know a lady is engage is that she wears a wedding ring. Also take note that no scripture in the Bible is against the wedding ring.

  15. Good day! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content.

    Please let me know. Cheers

  16. pls am from cameroon and used to follow bride tv but we had a transfer and unfortunately i lost the code
    pls can you send it to me?

    1. Shalom,
      It is still the same frequency, Just re-scan your decoder but the name is now End-Time Message Tv not Bride Tv.

      Re-scan and search for End-time Message Tv.

  17. I am very happy to come across this station that God has brought up according to his will to return his elects (brides) back to the bible, and the apostolic doctorine in this last age . when i got this station in 2014, i thought it is going to be as usual with other christian church tv station, but i patiently found out that i was wrong. I have much to say on my discovery of this church. i have began to put my questions before our Reverend to provide answers to them for me one after the other from the bible. PLEASE. kindly send description of how I can get the sermon book of this star messenger, Willi marrio braham.and all materials I needed to read, hear and understand.

  18. very correct…. but please… I would like to know about the covering of the hair…some of the Spoken Word churches who believe in the end time message do not cover their hair whilst others do…can this be explained please

  19. shalom to u sir. in short since I located this channel I feel in love with it. GOd bless u sir for d undiluted word of GOd u preach. sir my questions are
    1. who are the sons of God in genesis 6. sir are they the fallen angels and do they have sex because am confuse since the bible angels do not have sexes
    2. pls sir why do you wear ring in ur finger since the women look beautiful not wearing earring. is it biblical. because I wedded with ring but my husband ask me to remove BC it is not biblical according to him
    3. when I come to Lagos b4 December can I get ur books to buy then. I have other questions but let me get these answer.
    I have been sending messages through what ups

  20. good day sir.am Gabriel.from Christ the mediator ministry okene.am here to give tank to Almighty for counting me among the bride pples.and again, for making it possible to b alive today and my family

  21. sir i am from delta state and i am an endtime brother and my pastor name is bro mamu at sapele the church of the first born ministry i agreed with what the minister said and in addition even the bible called earings as strange gods and the understanding was given to jacob in gen35:1-4

  22. Shalom sir i want to ask wether it is scriptural for some one to confess his/her sins to another person as they do in the Roman catholic church

  23. since I found bride Assembly my life as not be the same. I pray that God will continue to prosper the church in God’s way, in Jesus name.

  24. Be blessed for taking us back to the biblical word revelations. It’s truly difficult and impossible to understand the truth in God’s word without the guidance of the Holy Ghost!

  25. Thank God for you dir sarvant of God, Pastor Moses Alu, the original seeds will hear and understand, and come out of errors but the tares will see you as an enemy who came to spoil their busness, ofcuse not all pastors are called by God, many called themselves, and devil also calld many, how can they belive you? Keep on preaching the trueth, may the Lord continue to reveal mistrys to you in Jesus name Amen. Sir please do not be angry, their is something i want you to do, i want you to tell all the members of Bride Assemly to pray and ask God to reveal to us about wedding ring, many people in my church and some other churchies are testifying of how God gave them revelation the wedding ring is a sin, that is why we dont use it in my church, am not challanging you or aguing you becuse i have had your teaching about wedding ring, Thanks

  26. Thank God fou You, Dir sarvant of God Pst Moses Alu, keep on preaching the trueth, the original seed will hear and undastand and come out of errors but the tares will see you as an enermy who came to spoil their busness, ofcuse not all ministers are called by God, some called themselves, and they are their for money making, that is why they cannot accept the trueth or preach the truth, so that they will not lose their mambers, my prayer for you is that your labour shall never be in vain, please sir their is something i want you to do, i want you to tell the congregation to pray and ask God to reveal to them about wedding ring, some people in my church are testifying of how God reveal to them that wedding ring is a sin, not only in my church even some other churchies, that is why we dont make use of it in my church, i am not aguing or challanging you becuse i have had your teaching about wedding ring. Thanks

  27. Shalom is it right colour my hair? My hair is natural no weavon and my husband want me to be fixing weavon. I said no. My question now can I colour it and live like that nature?

  28. this is a great thought and challenging to ur daddy may God continue blessing and strength you more anointing sir.have seen myself May help it a great previlegde for me to come across Bride Assembly Church. my name is Bro. John Jesumuyiwa @MJPDSG MINISTRIES ORE ONDO.STATE

  29. this is a great thought and challenging to us. daddy may God continue blessing and strength you more anointing. sir,i have seen myself MayGod help me and
    it a great previlegde for me to come across Bride Assembly Church. my name is Bro. John Jesumuyiwa @MJPDSG MINISTRIES ORE ONDO.STATE

  30. May I simply just say what a comfort to find a person that genuinely understands what they’re discussing on the internet.
    You actually realize how to bring an issue to light and make
    it important. A lot more people should look at this and understand this side
    of the story. I can’t believe you aren’t more popular because you definitely possess the

  31. am khan Lois, a Cameroonian I thank God for making me come in contact with the Bride Assembly through Bride Tv. I have learn a lot from this ministry and I blessed the Lord for that. I know am a predestined seed. but I have this worry : Bible says we’re built on the foundation of the apostles and Prophets with Jesus himself as the chief conner stone. pastor always say there’s not suppose to be the office of an apostle in the church today because apostles already laid the foundation. so now why do we still have prophets if we’re built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets?

  32. I am very greatful for this great opportunity,
    My name is Pastor Ebenezer Olumuyiwa Abass, I’m a 32 yrs old, I pastor in The Adopted Church Of Christ (atan-iju-ota) Branch.
    I was born in a Home believed to be Christian (The Apostolic Church) family My Father has three wives, when I was 1yr Old, my father Divorce my mother, when I was 12yrs old, I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord an my saviour in a Church known as (Go and Preach The Word Ministry) in a village known as ASA-OLOWO under Ewekoro L.G.A of Ogun State.
    When I was 15 yrs old, I was baptised in The apostolic church Abule-egba district lagos state.
    When I was 25yrs I begins to have a dream about somebody teaching me the mystery of a lot of things in the world, pouring me a lot of anointing, seeing my self in the front of congregation as a preacher e.t.c I told my pastor about this and He said it is a sign of calling and He said I have to go for Bible school and I told Him I’m not Going because what do they want to teach me in bible school again? he reply saying that I will not be recognise If refused to go to the school of theology.
    when the pressure is too much for Me, in the year2013/2014, I finally accept the Theology admission offer. I was awarded within (Higher DIPLOMA inTHEOLOGY) @ Holy city theology seminary Alagbado, I was Ordained as a pastor on our graduation day by Rev Dr Bishop Bola Oloko witnessed by some ministers of God including my G.O now Rev.Dr.M.A Adekoya g.o The Adopted Church Of Christ Aboro town alagbado.
    Sir without much ado, I saw a sticker title ” I WILL NOT DIE A COCKROACH DEARTH THIS YEAR” as I was meditating on that prayer, an mp3 radio was playing a message titled “ANOINTING FOR SALE” it was inside one Tricycle ( maruwa) so I told him to please send the message through Bluetooth but it couldn’t enter, he gave a website http://www.brideassemlychurch.com.ng
    I deleted every music,sermon in my phone and downloaded almost every messages of Pastor Moses Alu, what motivated me was that This is what I believed and preached sometimes but people expecialy pastors condemned me, but I used to tell them that if Jesus did not condemn me no one can!
    I am very very happy to have your sermon on my phone because Holy Ghost have used You to put me in the Right part, may God Continue to filled you with His Holy word by Revelations in Jesus name.
    Because since I decided that I & My Wife will come and re-baptise in Bride Assembly things suddenly change to the extend that to eat I have to go and labor with a bricklayer in a far distance to where I’m pastoring.
    the reason is this ( I was posted to Iju in the year 2015, we agree on no salary but he rented A room for me and my wife with Two girls and a twin boys my children, I sort for their food daily with the use of a tricycle which I collected as installment of 700,000 naira, which the owner collected it back on the 30-3-2017 because it remained a balance of 280,000 naira, he said I should bring 180,000 naira to collect the Marwa back in other to be paying the remains with ten ten thousand naira weekly)
    Sir pray for me so that I can have a breakthrough
    thank you sir more Anointing in Jesus name SHALOM
    pastor E.O ABASS

    1. My brother you do not need prayer. What you need is to study the word of God. The truth shall set you free. The message is COME OUT OF Her…. come out of those denominational errors, creeds and dogmas that have nothing to do with the bible apostolic faith. come back to the bible.

  33. I really feel happy when I got this message of the bride Assembly it is not easy to stand for such truth but when the Holy Spirit got me I now saw that it was not all about me but God’s spirit. Now I feel more better and I think am satisfied with what Pastor ALU teaches because I will sometimes ask myself is there no other preacher who will say something different from the others? But behold, God gave you to us the lost but found.

    God bless you and please I need to change my church and am in need of help please

  34. I stand with the teachings 100%. More power man of God. Its only the message of the hour that has come to liberate the bride from the bondages and mess of denominational entanglements. We are priviledged to have soldiers like Pastor Moses Alu standing firm for this raw truth at the capital crest of massive filth in the today’s end time church.

    Such truth as this doesn’t find acceptance with the contemporary faith but, I think I love it the old rugged way. Its the sure foundation and the path of the righteous is that which shineth brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.

    However, there are some pertinent questions raised up here that admins did not tend to. Please try and clear the air for those wishing to have broader understanding as that is the essense of this blogpost, an eye opener to the present truth. God bless you.

  35. I want your opinion about tithing considering the book of Galatians 3:
    Galatians 3:13 – Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree.

      But speaking about those LAWs of Moses which man could not keep but where made easy under
      The New Covenant, that is the Ordinance of GRACE by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.
      The law was made Curse, man could not keep it but Christ brought Grace.

      The TITHE is not a law! It is not under the Law.
      TITHE is GRACE!


      GENESIS 14
      18) And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.

      19) And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth:

      20) And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him tithes of all.

      Abraham paid Tithe without the Law, was Abraham under the law? NO!

      HEBREWS 7
      1) For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and
      blessed him;

      2) To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace;

      The first Tithe was paid before Moses who brought the law was ever born. That was a type of Grace in the Old Testament a shadow of things to come in the New Testament.

      if you say Abraham is under the law, What law was Abraham obeying when he paid the Tithe? But Abraham is not!

      GALATIANS 3 condemns the laws which man cannot keep and are NOT RELEVANT!

      MALACHI 3
      8) Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.

      9) Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.

      10) Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

      NUMBERS 18
      21) And, behold, I have given the children of Levi all the tenth in Israel for an inheritance, for their service which they serve, even the service of the tabernacle of the congregation.

      24) But the tithes of the children of Israel, which they offer as an heave offering unto the LORD, I have given to the Levites to inherit: therefore I have said unto them, Among the children of Israel they shall have no inheritance.

      13) Do ye not know that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple? and they which wait at the altar are partakers with the altar?


  36. My dearest Pastoe Alu, you have given me and numerous others hope for the future church. I have been afraid that, going by the errorneous interpretation of almost every verse in the Bible to mean PROSPERITY with the attendant MATERIALISTIC UNDERTONE, the FUTURE CHURCH will be condemned to matrialism with the name of God and Jesus Christ obscured! But now, I WEEP NO MORE! Owerri, the capital of Imo State is waiting for your branch if not already there. If it is there already, kindly furnish me with the address; if it is not there already, I am prepared to patner with you, sir. May God contonue to increase your anointing to break every yoke just as He sustains your divine mission to liberate the captive in Jesus name, amen.

    1. 285 Okigwe Road Orji, Owerri. Opposite Oge medical. Is the address of The Bride Assembly Owerri Church. 07068457058 08056503792.

  37. am very grateful sir….I like this ur message title ,WARN YOUR PASTOR,God bless u,more grace to function well …infat,tank u very much sir

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