JUNE CAMP 2016 – A Preview

JUNE CAMP 2016 – A Preview

By Deacon Eric Oparaoha
Church PRO

Every year, The Bride Assembly organizes a prayer Camp meeting in the month of June. In line with the example set by our Lord Jesus Christ in setting Himself apart to pray in the Mountains (Mark: 6: 39),the church, within this period, gets the entire members to seek the face of God through fasting and prayers within particular days as led by the spirit of God.

This year, from Thursday 11th to Saturday. 13th June, the Church will hold this annual Camp with the usual theme “MAKING YOUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE” (2 Pet.1:10). The necessity of this program grew out of our conviction and belief that salvation is a once – for all – event but baptism of the Holy Ghost which is the in–filling of the Holy Spirit may be a subsequent experience(Acts.2:4;4:8,31;6:3,5; 7:55;9:17;11:24;13:9,52). It is the enduing of Power from on – High upon the sanctified believer. It is designed to confirm who a real Christian is; our commission in Christian Service and to prepare us for rapture. It has become necessary to organize such meeting in view of the fact that many persons in the house of God who claim to be Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers live lives not worthy of emulation. They claim to be elected or chosen by God and yet nothing in them proves that there is the Spirit of Christ in them. As a supposed model for the transformation of lives and society, the Church is no longer alive to its calling. This is worse given the fact that going by God’s time table there is no more time. The abomination that has consequently crept into the church therefore urgently calls for this program of “MAKING YOUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE” which ensures that through the baptism of the Holy Ghost, one would be able to understand his/her standing with Christ.

The baptism of the Holy Ghost is not the new birth, salvation, conversion or regeneration (John7:37- 39; 14:17; 17:6-9, 14-16; LUK10:19-24; 24-49). It is beyond the sanctification experience(John17:9; 17:21-23, and Acts2:1-4). Jesus prayed for the sanctification of His disciples and yet commanded them to wait for the enduement of power through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, sanctification is for purity, whereas the Baptism of the Holy Ghost is for power. This actually is the third and final work of Grace for salvation of man by God and this is the main reason Christ went to the cross of Calvary. The power received through the Baptism of the Holy Ghost oftentimes bestows on Christians spiritual gifts(1cor. 1:1-31) and empowerment for Christian ministry. Baptism of the Holy Ghost is different from mere anointing of the Holy Ghost as it stresses the necessity of purity before power. It goes beyond mere feelings, liberty, joy and victory in prayer, self-denial or zeal, illumination or understanding Bible mysteries. (Luke 24:27, 31-32, 44-45; Acts 8:14-17; Mat. 19:27, 16:17).

Far from being a mere impersonal force, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ which is that divine personality that tabernacles in our bodies. He is the Eternal Spirit of the Living God, the spirit of Truth, Holiness, life, wisdom, the comforter (Mat28:19; 2Cor. 13:14; 1Pet.1:11; Rom1:4; 8:2 etc.) He is the character builder of members of the body of Christ (Heb.9:14; Psalms139:7-10; Acts 10:38 etc.) who provides guide to the rapturable saints. He leads all genuine Christians to all truth.

For the Bride Assembly members, this program is seen as a great privileged opportunity to secure visa to heaven. The program is carefully planned as led by the spirit of God to include teachings on Holy Ghost baptism, question and answer sessions on Holy Ghost, practical ministration of Holy Ghost, teaching on operations of spiritual gifts, prophetic ministration, healing, deliverance and thanksgiving praises. The program which takes off on Thursday 11thJune to end Sat.13th with a Holy Communion Service is preceded with a 21-days fasting and prayer (from 6.00am to 6.00pm) by all the members commencing on Monday 25th May, to Sunday 14th June 2015. This fasting period is our own form of tarrying in Jerusalem(as directed by our Lord Jesus Christ) before the Holy Spirit visitation(Acts 1:4).

As you prepare to “MAKE YOUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE”during this forth coming program, remember to come with your family members, friends, well wishers and even your “enemies”, if possible and be in expectation of the great manifestation of the power of the Most High God, which will transform you to a rapturable saint.

Shalom to the Bride of Christ

5 thoughts on “JUNE CAMP 2016 – A Preview”

  1. it is very important as a christian to be sure of your stand with Christ. making your calling and election sure.

  2. Hello, Brother

    Could you please answer this question for me? Would a Christian enter heaven without having the baptism of the Holy Ghost? The reason I am asking this question is because I haven’t received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and I’m starting to see the importance it. I do not want to deceive myself by professing that I’m a Christian and later find myself in hell because I never received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

    1. It is impossible for a proffesed christian to make heaven if he/she does not have Holy Ghost. It is for the same reason that Jesus Christ instructed his disciples to tarry in Jerusalem untill they receive the Comforter (Holy Spirit) who will direct them in all things. It is the Spirit that will connect with the spirit of Christ to facilitate our rapture; it is the ‘Ticket’ that will give us free entry to the Marriage Supper with our Bridegroom (Christ).

  3. Hello Brethren in our Lord Jesus Christ! Iam one of your follower her in Zambia now I have no access to fellow shipping with you please! yuo can’t provide us Church here in Zambia Shalom!

  4. Beloved Bro. Felix, thank you so much for your interest in our ministrations. It is our wish that all churches also preach the same message of Restoration which takes us back to original bible Christianity. You know as the bible proves it, we do not encourage opening of branches with a big headquarters somewhere dictating to other branches. But we encourage brethren like you who, having believed may wish to garther yourselves in a fellowship over there from time to time.

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