– (By Bro. Eric Oparaoha)

The Bride Assembly {Lagos Church} holds her family deliverance programme from [Wednesday 8th to Friday 10th March 2017]. The programme which is an annual event, as instructed by the Holy Spirit is aimed at using the weapon of effective prayers to destroy demonic traditions and evil covenants affecting the lives of Christian families. It is strategically held in the 1st quarter of every year to rebuild by fire, every broken hedge in the lives of our Christian brothers and sisters resulting from end-of –year/ yuletide compromises, moral failures, demonic re-inforcements, renewed evil vows, pledges or covenants {especially against home-goers} and other such unwitting acts that allows the devil to regain a foothold on our families. It is a programme against satanic counter- attack! {Isaiah 59:19}

There are rampaging ancestral and family spirits seeking to frustrate or out-rightly destroy even the lives of Christians. It runs like an evil ancestral river flowing down from generation to generation, manifesting as linage sicknesses/ infirmities, untimely deaths, poverty, disfavour , undue delays, failure at the edge of success or such other evil cyclical family occurrences. Such problems arise from faulty foundations. As in building a house, the foundation remains the most important part since it determines the height of the house. Faulty foundations in our lives are as a result of sometimes circumstances of birth, evil dedications, inheritances, evil pronouncements /vows, evil marriages, evil family shrines, curses, household witchcrafts, immoral lives, etc. These foundations limit or inhibit our physical and spiritual progress.

Psalm 11(cat) asks “if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” An understanding of a problem is the first step towards its solution. Foundational problems are most times intricate and deep-rooted and therefore require divine revelation of the source of the problem before appropriate prayers could be effectively made. The book of Kings 2:18-22 shows us a typical example. Jericho was a disobedient nation that hindered the children of Israel from going into the Promised Land. The witchcraft powers in charge were so strong that God instructed them to walk round the city 7 times with shouts which brought down its walls. Other cities took Israelites maximum of two days to overrun.

Apparently Joshua wondered why a strange method had to be used before the takeover. He issued a curse “curse be the man that lay the foundation of this city and cursed be the man that completes it, it will be at the expense of his last born”. 400years after, {following Joshua’s curse}, men of the city of Jericho complained to Elisha in 2 kings 2:19 “… but water is naught and the ground is barren in the land of Jericho”. With a new cruise and salt, Elisha healed the waters and declared “… there shall not be from thence any more death or barren land”.

Just as a higher anointing of Elisha was required to break the four generational manifestation of the curse of Joshua upon Jericho, so also does every family curse require the appropriate use of the name of Jesus Christ by a true servant of God to revoke or break.

With gratitude to God, David excitedly declared “And the channels of the sea appeared, the foundation of the world were discovered at the rebuking of the Lord, at the blast of the breath of his nostrils… he drew me out of many waters, He delivered me from my strong enemy…” 2 Sam.22:16-17. Also the sorrowful circumstances of Jabez resulted in his being caged by the spirit of poverty, until he sought divine intervention that changed his situation.

Through the gift of prophecy, word of knowledge, discernment, source of the foundational problems are revealed to our gifted brothers and sisters and through prophetic actions as performed by Elisha, solutions are rendered. No matter how bitter it has been, or how rough your life has run, Jesus Christ is waiting for you to apply His healing salt to sweeten the sorrowful source of your life at the family deliverance programme.

There will also be the rededication of first born child of every family. This is to break some peculiar curses against families with first born standing in gap. Don’t miss it!

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