What Happened On The Day Of Pentecost? (the series pt 1)

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The Overseer of the Bride Assembly Lagos Church, Bro. Moses Alu


This is to every believer and beloved of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, around the world who have had hard times figuring out what really happened on the day of Pentecost and even the ones that had been believing the generality of what is largely believed but something in them still feels that there is more to it so I thought it wise to share a bit of what many Christians around the world ought to know.


What really happened on the day of Pentecost?

What really is the Holy Ghost meant for?

How are we to receive the Holy Ghost?


Before the Holy Ghost was ministered anywhere in the bible that you see such you will always find out that it was first preceded by a sermon and the sermon was not; come and receive Holy Ghost for if it was such, Simon the sorcerer wouldn’t have come begging for such a power so that he too can lay hands on the people for them to receive the Holy Ghost. So I watched a channel sometime back and a man of God was advertising power which he claimed was of God and that it will help you to see visions. It was an annual program and people were there and then he was advertising, and he cut out something like a cake or bread and some people lined up and then he would say, “Now, take and eat and see what will happen and they took it and ate after which He gave each person the microphone at intervals and they began to prophesy and then this man of God was making boast of it as one of the persons was discerning men and women gathered in the program. That was when it dawn on me, “On the day of Pentecost was it that they gathered and they brought cake and they brought bread…?” Do you see what is happening with Christianity these days? And this is what came to my mind while I watched the channel and it is for this reason I thought it wise to address the church of God on “what happened on the day of Pentecost?”

You had better know “what happened on the day of Pentecost?” so that you will not be deceived. For one of the purpose of the fivefold ministry as the scriptures rightly puts it is to equip you such that ye henceforth be not tossed about by every wind of doctrine. Therefore, this series is meant to establish you so that when they’re doing that which is of their own will, you can be like either Philip or Nathaniel who is suspicious of everything until even Jesus coming out of Nazareth again? Just as Judas came also from Nazareth, Theodore came from Nazareth; false people from Nazareth? And so they wondered, Nazareth again? Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?

You must look well -well first o. There are some of you that someone invited and they said that the church is at Ijesha and to you it’s like “ehh… ijesha again?” Praise the Lord! And you are not wrog because there are some churches that when you go to, you are not to participate in everything they are doing. Don’t even allow the man of God to lay hand on you. If the man of God is walking in the congregation and touching everybody, don’t even allow him touch you until you are sure, but how will you have your assurance? It’s from the knowledge of the scriptures, you judge people not by your gist. Some of you judge by your gift, it’s wrong to judge whether a place is of God by your gist, if you do that, Satan will give you dream and chase you away from where God intends you to be, so be careful. Study the bible! For it is the scriptures that we are to use to judge everything that we see!

WHAT HAPPENED ON THE DAY OF PENTECOST? (the series pt 1) ****to be continued****

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