THE SECRET OF SUCCESS – By Dr. Coscharis Maduka

Dr. Cosmos was invited to the pulpit by Pastor Moses Alu.  Bro. Cosmos said a brief prayer.

He started by singing “Amazing grace”:-

I am incapable to come here but God’s Amazing grace made me to be here.  I will be sharing my testimony with you this morning for you to know why I sang that song but let me not jump ahead of myself but let Cosmas Madukame say on behalf of my wife and my son, we want to bring greetings from Maduka family. God richly bless you this morning.  My sincerely appreciation goes to my brother, a minister of God, a giant soldier of the cross by name Pastor Moses Alu.  For making it possible for me to be here for finding grace to invite me to stand at this most sacred place.  That is why I tell you; I feel really humble.  Actually most incapable to be here but by the grace I am here this afternoon.  Pastor Moses Alu, I appreciate the confidence you have in me for me to stand at this most sacred desk.  Most of us have gone through a lot of things in life.  But today I going to share something with you, I really pray that God should give me grace not to say anything that will make you think I am boastful, far from it, I would not want to do it for any reason. If anything I say sounds boastful I just want you to understand that I am saying it to give him glory  i.e God Almighty.  I have one intention and one purpose to have somebody who have already made a decision to serve Jesus Christ to trust him the more, because there is no other motive but let you know that this God we are serving is not history but he is real, not something someone tells us about.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever more.  If anybody meets the same condition today that God healed the man that was blind in the bible days, God is obligated to heal the same person today or otherwise, he made a mistake when he healed the first person in the bible days.  And bible tells us that he made no mistake.  In the book of Hebrew.  He says by two immitable things in which it is impossible for God to lie.  God is a immutable as His word is.  Bro. Willliam Braham tells us that, in otherwise, when God could not swear by anything greater rather he sweared by himself.  What God was saying in that place is that if I cannot keep my promise, I loose my right of being God.  It is not a cheap statement to say things like that.  God  knew that whatever he says that he will do and he never fails.


I came from a humble background, most of you must have heard my story.  I lost my father when I was 4 years.  My story is very compelling anywhere in the world.  How my parent did it I do not know, it is just as if they knew something is going to happen.   My mother and my father got married, they had their 4 children in 4 years.  I happen to the second child out of the four children.  The best I knew of my father  was that there was a ceremony in our company, people gathered, some people where shooting gun, different things were happening and it was a big festival and I was excited because everybody was very kind to me.  As a child, the best food I like was rice bur we don’t get rice eating every day but that day  I could eat all rice  I wanted.  People where kind to me, given me everything I wanted that day.  I wished that festival never stopped because I wanted it to continue.  It was later in life I knew that, it was the burial of my father.  I saw my mother crying helplessly, she was tied at one corner of the wall with palm frodu, I then went to the sitting room I saw one man dressed in a black suit lying helplessly.  Something told me that was my father it wasn’t long before the ***** war broke out.  My mother was a godly woman.  She tried her best to  train us up in the way of the Lord. She didn’t have the ‘light’ She  was a devoted  catholic.  She taught me how to pray and to praise and seek God.  To believe in myself.  The point is that even at four, a child can be understand and speak ten different languages assimilate a lot of things. Mothers have crucial role to play in a child’s upbringing. It is not just enough for the man to pride himself as the head of the family; takes care of the family financially.  The role of the woman is very crucial in all-round child-development.  I give all the credit to sisters and mothers because they make the difference as there is no job in the world harder than motherhood.  Yet the  job attracts no salary except the love a mother gets from the child. Don’t tell your child “omo ode ko ni dafue”, “you will never be useful in life”, and all such abuses as there have negative impact on the life of the child.  Don’t cause them or loose confidence in them when they misbehave.  There is power in our words.  It is important what you tell them.  Those things my mother told me helped me in life.  “Telling me I will go places and I will survive in life”.  My  mother blessed me indeed.  She did the best she could to stir up the love of God in my heart and I grew up loving and trusting God all the way.  I became a devoted catholic church member; did the best I could to the extent that I became a mass-servant in my early stage in life.


Because of so many things my mother told me about God, I wanted to prove this God.  I have an inquisitive nature which makes me to want to dig up anything especially when people seem to be holding such things in secrecy.  I wanted to have a first hand “rather than second-hand” experience with God as a child, they told us that Mary visited three children at Fatima.  I was about 7 years (not up to 8 years) and I entered a bush praying desirous of a supernatural visitation of Mary.  I didn’t have any such experience.  But I said why can’t Mary visit me in Nigeria if she can visit 3 children at Fatima as the story goes.  Bro. Nillian Braham told us that a painted fire cannot warm up anybody.  If you’re frozen unto death or feeling cold and somebody paints fire on the wall, it cannot help you.  That’s why we need a real God not a “painted fire of the wall”.  You must have first-hand experience.  Something has to happen; you must have a personal experience with the power of the resurrection Christ.  God will not deal with you on the basis of your father or mother’s experience.  He deals with you on your personal experience.  I didn’t want  to hang unto anybody’s experience.


Yes nothing happened after the bush prayer, but I didn’t give up.  Because of this mindset and experience I had, I started questioning something done in church.  Peoples’ lives remain unchanged.  As a child I was very observant and curious.  If I felt you’re hiding anything from me, and you send me on an errand; I would quickly run and come back to eavesdrop to know what you’re up to.  My sensitivities were sharp. In fact it is wrong for you to think your child of eleven and twelve years does not known what is happening; they’re fully aware of everything happening. The more I questioned what was happening in church, the more I was asked to shut-up.  The more they tried to silence me, the more I sought to know more.  At the age of 14 -15 years, I made commitment with Christ.  What I’m about to say may sound strange; I think I’ve run ahead of myself.  Let us read this scripture Mathew 6:33. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you”  All these things” means everything that were clamoring for in life.  As far as God in concerned they’re not among the main subject;  they’re like extra-curricular activities.  They are not the main thing.  The main thing is to seek God and his righteousness what we call money, success, prosperity, wealth, estates etc. are not among the main subjects.  Our main subject is “our relationship with God”.  That’s why the bible regards them as “all these things”.  Let’s see 2 Peter 1:3-3.  “According to as His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.


God has already made provisions for everything we need to make this journey; nothing is left. Verse 4. “whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that if these ye might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust 5. And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; 6. And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness;  7.  And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.  8. for if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9. But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.  10. Wherefore the rather, brethren give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.  11. For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 12. Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things through ye know them and be established in the present truth.  I think it meet, as long as I am in this tabernacle, to stir you up by putting you in remembrance. So what I’m doing today is to re-echo what the servant of God  in this church, has always told you from the pulpit.  But perhaps, I will say it differently based on my own personal experience.  The Bride Assembly already know all I’m going to say today because you have been established in the present truth anchored on the provisions of Malachi 4:5-6.  But I want to share my own experience, my testimonies anchored on the word of God to stir you up and let you to know that what you’re going through, some other person has gone through a similar experience Amen. As a child I earlier said, it was rough for me. But I love God.  I will give you testimony about my Christian  journey as well as how I became successful in life.  I didn’t became a Christian because of what I would gain unlike what people in need do today running from church to church  in search of success. Not that it is bad to wish to be successful.  But God wants to know our motive or driving force.  My commitment to church is because I love God and wants to be a better person. The blessings that are ascribed to me today is “extra-curricular” and if  even if I had nothing. I’m still overwhelmingly grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to bear His name and to be called into the family of the greatest name that is above every other name in heaven and on earth.  This is the greatest thing that can happen to anyone in the face of the earth. But this God that we worship loves us and knows we have needs before we ask.  He makes provision for the needs.  But He is looking for  people He can trust.  He wants to see if He can trust you with money, prosperity, estates or anything.  I don’t want you to misunderstand me or to say this guy wants to make himself important.  Far from it.  Anything we are in life, is by the amazing grace of God. The Bible says “it is not of him that willet or by him that runneth’ it is the Lord that showeth mercy.  God clearly showed this with the story of Esau and Jacob.  Before the two children were born and before they had the opportunity to start having thoughts of what is good or bad,  God, the all-knowing supreme Being, through fore-knowledge, had already known between the duo, the one that would make right choices.


You know when you have a child, the child may be inquisitive and want to do certain things or want to act certain ways like handling a knife at the age of five.  Certainly, the parents will not oblige him/her for fear of mishandling and injuring himself/herself.  Even if the child cries out his/her eyes, the parents will not give in.  But at the age of eight  or above, the same parent can now tell the same child to go get the same knife because the child is now matured enough to handle the knife without injuring himself/herself.  This is how God deals with us.  If you’re a true child of God,  He will not give you anything that will destroy you.  Amen.  There are children you have that would make the parents regret ever having them as their children.  Because the blessing of God adds no sorrow (according to the Bible). God can, instead of allowing you have such mischievous children, close your womb for a while  or make the man impotent.  God takes us through things in life to get us matured tot eh level where He can trust things in our hands.


God wants for us to have the right character before He gives us the power so that we’ll not misuse the power.  Bro. William Branham gave a testimony after God gave him a spoken words he was in the church preaching when two young person were kissing in front of him in the church. They ignored his rebuke to stop and immediately a voice told him to speak a word or curse them with blindness or cripple or death etc. and He will back it up.  He kept quite as they continued ignoring his second rebuke. The voice again said, “whatever you say will be honoured”.  He (Branham) turned around and said “I forgive you”.  He said when he went home that day, God told him he passed the test because power of the spoken word  is not for destruction.  God will not give it to you until  He has build the requisite characters in you, with those seven virtues of (2 Peter 1:10) operating in you through the Spirit of God. When God sees these characters operating, he seals them up in you and you become a sealed unit and that power comes upon you; your world will become like the fathers name in Nija.


You can image some few years ago I went to America Embassy and they did not give me visa.  If assuming I have power of the spoken word and went I get there the man refused to give me visa.  You know I would have used it on him. I would have just asked the man turn around and stumble and when he finishes I will ask him if you would change your mind now and give me visa or you need.


When I turn to the age of 8, life was rough,  my mother send me to my grandparents.  I lived with my grandpa and my grandpa helped me a lot and moulded me, while I was living with them, the best I did in school was elementary three.  If you ask about myself, if I had an opportunity and you ask me to assess myself what I would have been.  I will tell you I would have have first class if I had gone to school because I believe I have a first class brain. What is about school is to put people in a four corner wall and tell them something and ask them to remember it.  Everything I hear I will remember it because my brain is sharp and open and that’s all.  I will repeat it for you anytime.  I did not have that opportunity but God gave me another opportunity. Why I am saying this is because most of us major on things we do not have. If you keep majoring on things you do not  have, you cannot go further.  Major in things you have, that is things that are going on well in your life, not things that are going on wrong in your life.  God has a way of fitting things in people’s live. You see, if you don’t have an eye, your senses of smell is sharped you don’t know the power of the senses of smell you have because you have eye.  Your eyes shorten your senses of smell.  Once your eyes is not there, your senses for smell is sharpened.  It will amaze you how blind people can mention a person’s name without seeing the person.  This is because one is gone, the other one becomes active and because I did not go to school, my worst subject was English, I was attending school, this is because my mother never spoken English to me she speaks vanacular to me and I am contented with it.  I am very clever with mathematics.  Before the teachers even finish stating the mathematics I will pass my book but the days they will have dictation (English) I will try to fall sick.  If you  ask me to speak Igbo, I will speak it very well.  What is in this English word.  Communication is about the person you are communicating with and the person been about to understand you. So do not worry about the grammar.  When those that worry about grammar get to England, they will fix their problem about grammar.  If I am speaking igbo to you I will not miss a word because  that is my first language.  I am not ashamed of it and I am not embarrassed. Even though I am not magnifying my ignorance.  I am saying that life is about mindset. The way you view things.  You looking at things you do not have and allowing it to control you and pull you further down.  You take what you have to pull you further down. you take what you have to pull you up and you get other things to follow through in your life.  Because I did not go to school, the first book I learnt how to read was Bible.


As a matter of fact, is not a story now I just saw Bro. Andy, voice of God representative, I hired  him to be my teacher, to teach me how to read English book he went and bought book 6 because he taught that I am an adult.  I will start from book 6.  He started teaching me book 6.  I did not understand him.  What he was saying was too much for me.  I have a abandon him.  I got my son teacher who is teaching my son book 2.  I have to tell him to buy book 1, so that we can start from ABCD.  Tell me ABCD let me start putting two words together.  Once you do not feel inferior about yourself, you have a beginning and a future. But once you get inferior or embarrassed about yourself, then you’re confused and you have no future, because you start living your life for other people and you start living your life to please people. In this way the things that can help you make progress in your life you loose it.  I started with this book 2. The same person that is teaching my son was handling me too.  I started putting  one, two words together before you know I started making an improvement.  I find that these things are not actually impossible at all.  So I had a home training of education I never go back to school but I have run some organizations infact if you want to know I served in a two public quoted  banks and I just retired 2012 after 12 years of been in the board.  In the board of the bank, we do assess ourselves.  That is all the directors in the bank.  I assess them and they assess me on what they think you are and what your contribution is in the bank (place).  I did not come beyond the 1st and 3rd position based on the result all of us have and with this my 3rd grade education I have been to Harvard University the best business school in the world.  I attended a course with Airp, Pat Utomi, Ushin. You can ask them about my contribution and theirs.  If you don’t have opportunity for one thing, God gives you an opportunity for another thing. Initially, I could not read or write, my senses of memory develop. Anytime you have any meeting like this especially in the night.  I will come and recite you Rom 6,7,8,9 without opening my bible.  It is not intellectual power.  It is because I could not read, my retentive memory becomes great because when people are making note.  I am keeping it on my brain.  So when you loose one thing, God  gives you another to compensate for it.  So stop majoring on things you do not have,  start measuring on things you have.  Is there one thing going on in your life, focus on it and see where God  can take you.  I came to Lagos at the age of 8 to do apprentice for my uncle by this time. I cannot write invoice for consumers and people laughed at me. I do see some students going to school, they dress on white and white I am living in a shop. Some of them mostly point and make a jest of me by calling me shop rat.  You know what; I never take no for an answer; I turn back to them and said God give us ten years I will be greater than you people that are laughing at me.  I am always positive about whom I am.  By them I have never got in contact with the gospel, while students are busy studying how to match their letter and how to speak very well.  While my boss was busy teaching me what you can put in Honda benly and Honda 175. I did not stop at what he was teaching me. I, on my own, was busy trying to know what is in this Honda 175 that will match Honda 185 and what is it in Honda 185 that will work in Bettle and I started taking note of those things.  So when those children were graduating in the four corner school I am graduating  from automobile industry apprenticeship. While  I was  doing this apprenticeship I met a guy called Olu; he was a mechanic who came to our shop to buy goods. After he bought what he wanted. I, asked him how much does he want me to write.  He replied and said why did I say that, I said because some mechanics will ask us to add money on the price and after that they will give us money.  He told me don’t  I know it is wrong to do so? I said I did not know, that is what they want I will do it.  That was the first time someone spoke to me about Jesus Christ.  This Olu preached to me and what he said made sense to me.  He took me to the original Redeemed Christian Church at the dead-end  Ebute Metta by that time  Bro. Kumuyi was still a lecturer in Unilag and Bro. Adeboye.  Both of them were lecturers in Unilag.  Bro. Kumuyi goes there every Monday evening to minister (to hold bible study), this was before they mounted pressure on him for him to start church.  Immediately I started going there my boss sent me on transfer to Jos office.  When I got to Jos, I went back to my catholic church because I was not grinded in the word.  By then in Jos, I started drinking alcohol, I have pornographic pictures and I started smoking, and watching. I did so many things beyond my age.  From Jos I was again to Sokoto to manage my boss business.  It was at Sokoto I met Adophus another guy.  Adolphus is a Christian and live a life worthy of emulation.  He never preach to me but I noticed that his life was different from others.  I on my own volition, one day I went to him and said to him all of us are servants what makes you different from the rest of us.  He did not say anything, rather he went inside and knelt down and prayed.  I followed him and I saw him praying. It was then; I know that this guy is at another level.  When he came out he started preaching to me, then he took me to place I considered like Methodist church.  Since then I lost contact with him.  Infact, I have been looking for him.  As God will have it I met him again this February (February 2014) I ask him the name of the church that he took me that time, he said it is Christ the Answer.  This man Adolphus brought me the 1st Bible (white Bible) and that was the first bible I owned.  I attended the church once.  Immediately, I attend the church my boss brought me back to Lagos.   I was not grinded at all in the word.  On coming back to Lagos, I went back to St Paul’s Church at Ebute-Metta very close to Denton Police Station.  It was not long, my boss sent me  again to Nnewi.  Infact I  am a goal getter.  It was at Nnewi, I met a guy called Pius Egbuawa.  I met him again two days ago.  He then comes to Nkwor market to preach to people.  People  call him noise maker. One day I went to make mockery of him.  I went to him and I said Pius can you preach Jesus to me, he said get out of  this place they don’t give children food  to a dog.  That was the sermon.  Some people say that they have become God’s children, they are there looking for what a man of God will say for them to walk out of church.  If you are truly called nobody, can preach you in and nobody can preach you out.  It does not matter how hard the word can be because that Pastor did not call you.  Nobody preach you in and nobody preach you out.  The harder the word is, the more you need more of it.  So Pius never preached to me rather he said I should get out “they don’t give children food to the dog” and when he said that broke my conscience.  By the time he was saying this to me under my box I had a packet of cigarette that I was smoking; I also had pornographic pictures.  Indeed, this made me to be extremely worried, troubled and persistent.  Yet Pius did not listen to me.  I went to see him the second day being Friday and he said if I am serious I should see him on Sunday morning; and he took me to Central Christian Fellowship.  It was at the Central Christian Fellowship on that faithful day that late Peter Maduako  was preaching. I was at the church, the man was pointing at me.  Each finger he points was directed to me. It got to a point that I was hiding my face under a chair and I said within me why can’t this man point his hand in another direction.  I concluded that may be Pius must have told  him everything about my life.  It was at Central Christian Church I gave my life.  I know something took over the whole of my life.  By this time I was 14 years.  I am not up to 15 years.  Immediately I gave my life to Christ, my life changed, my purpose in life changed.  To be a child of God, you are not an ordinary person anymore.  Bible said power is given to you to be a son of God you are born into a big family that  exist in this world.  Recently, I was talking to someone who claim to be Christian, I said sister if you are a Christian you are not supposed to wear trouser, make up and those other things. She said no, that what she is wearing  is a lady trouser and this cannot stop her from being a Christian.  I said no sister; let me explain some things to you, if you are a son or daughter of Obama, there are certain restaurants that you cannot enter to go and eat, even though you are hungry.  I also said  is there anything wrong in eating handburger anywhere but as a daughter of Obama, you cannot say, I want to buy and eat handburger anywhere rather you go home; someone will go and buy that handburger and bring it to you.  This is because you are guided.  There are yokes that go with being a child of God.  Jesus Christ said that yoke is easy and light.  This can stop you from being a daughter of God but you don’t look like one because I don’t see Obama children every other places other people are going. He sings “Great change since I am born again- Great change”. Great change since I am born again.  There is a great change since I am born again.  The place I used to go I go them no more.  The things I used to wear I wear them no more.  There is a great change since I am born again.  The wuruwuru I used to do I do them no more.  The way I used to walk I walk them no more there is a great change since I am born again.  The earring I used to wear I wear them, no more.  There is a great change since I am born again. You cannot be born again without a change in your life.  Something must happen to you; it is inside expression that shows in the outward appearance.  So my life changed; I now have a sense of purpose.  By this time I started learning how to write; I wrote down the things I want to do.  I started giving myself a target; by stating the things I want to achieve.  I wrote  down that by the time I got to 20 years I will get married; by the time I turn 22 years I will have a car; by the time I turn this I will do this e.t.c.  For those that are in business; the first thing to do is to have a clear vision of what to do.  A vision is the key; and bible said a vision is appointed to speak though it may tarry, but it must surely come to pass.  If it is a true vision; there is no power from hell that can stop it from coming to pass.  I have a vision that I will build an institution that will be timeless in it’s relevance and value.  I wrote them down the things I am going to do.  A vision without plan is a wish.  For instance, if you want to be a governor of Lagos State without a plan, it is a wish.  A goal or dream without plan is a wish.  That is, you are just wishing without mean of getting there.  But when a  vision crystalised in your mind and you got it and said this is where I am going to go: The universe will conspire to make that which is revealed to you to come to pass. At that day I said this is what I am going to do.  At that time, when my boss came to Nnewi that faithful day after I became a born again Christian.  I was fasting with brethren in Central Christian Church; Nnewi.  A church that is not fanciful.  We were there fasting and we also were camping.  So therefore, church is not building but rather individuals that made up the church.  The third day of the camping and as well as the third of fasting and prayer programme; my boss came from Lagos and said he wanted to see me and I went to see him.  My boss is a catholic; my family was a catholic family.  My mother saw the badge on my shoulder written “Jesus is alive today”.  She ask me what is that badge I said I am Christian; she said what were you before I reply her that I used to go to church before now.  She said, what does that mean? I said I have repented of my sins.  She said my son what do you do that are repenting of, you are just 14 years this church that you are going now, is meant for retired criminals and people looking for husband. Indeed, I do not know  what is your problem.   My mother thought that  I am a saint.  She did not know the kind of life I was living by that age of 14 years before I repented.


I went to answer my boss.  He was angry with me.  I am an Igbo man precisely from Nnewi in Anambra State. The worst thing you can do to an Igbo man, is to close his shop.  Our shop is like a kind of religion to an Igbo man.  There is an adage “a man is at the hospital laying critically ill and three of his children came to visit him. With his last breath he spoke, is Okonkwo here, is Okorie here, Okafor Nko, as all three are affirmed their present.  The sick man queried “who did you leave the shop for”?  The man’s death is immaterial but his shop must not be closed.  So I committed abominable sin to my boss by closing his shop for three days in the other to attend the camp meeting programme.  Because I closed my boss shop for three days; he asked me, where did I go and I said “I went for camp meeting”.  He asked me again what is camp meeting and I said we are fasting and praying. He said this new religion you have found , so you are now so fanatic that you can now fast  yourself to death in the name of fasting and praying.  He said, we will settle this problem this evening.  That day I went with my senior brother and this was 1976.  Immediately, my boss counted N200 and gave me. My senior brother was  upset and asked me not to collect the money, I turned to my senior brother and asked him “do you have any to give me”? He said No.  By then I have already served him for 6 years going to 7 years.  I immediately turned to my boss and said I served you well, I did not steal from you I know what other servants are doing.  Is this my stewardship for 6 years plus?  I deserve more than this 200 “but rather he said this is what I  have”.  By then, I had a little understanding of the word of God. You see, it is not the quantity of the word of God but how faithful you hold to what you know.  Right there I look straight into my boss’s face and said “God hardened the heart of Pharaoh that he will show His might in the land of Egypt.  So give me 5 years if we are alive; you will see what God will do out of this N200 and when you hear it your ear will be spinning.   I said that much to him in the presence of my senior brother, my boss is my uncle. My mother’s junior brother Eugene Ibe.  He is still alive.  I repeated myself and immediately I left with my senior brother who accompanied me.  We took motor bike and went back home.


My brother and I formed a company called Maduka and brothers.  Someone gave us a half shop to be keeping our goods not long we started differing in ideology.  Tomorrow I am going to give you the principle of success because if you follow the principle you will never miss and that is why  I told you to mark that world ‘fruitfulness’ when we read it in 2 Peter 1:1-10.  So we started differing in ideology.  What was the difference in ideology.  My brother said I cannot take money and give in our church more than 10 kobo he gives in his church.  I said but you drink beer and coca-cola while I do not drink any of these.  These are things that mean nothing but as God will have it, we separated based on this.  Sometimes, you think something went wrong, no, something went right.  By this time, my brother has made some level of success while I was still struggling.  We divided what we had, leaving me with the total capital of N317.  I started coming to Lagos  to buy things and then go back to Nnewi and sell them.  Let me not forgot, when I was doing apprenticeship for my boss.  I was going to Iddo motor park to enter motor going to Nnewi.  Early morning, I passed that AG Leventis, Oyingbo I pointed at that building  that one day I am going to build this type of house and the man that  was with me gave a knock on my head.  The man could not understand  how a child of that age be eying AG Leventis.  He was very angry at me but this is my vision.  This is why I told you that I prayed that I will not make a boast. Indeed the first building I made at No. 6, Idelope at junction of it.  If you go look at the building, compare it with AG Leventis; you can tell me if they are similar or not.  By that time I was still a tenant.  But my eyes was on that vision that I must com e to pass.  I focus on it with intensity of faith that it must come to pass.  I have told myself what I wanted.


Indeed, I got married when I was 19 year plus, by then my senior brother had not married and my mother was asking me why should I marry before my senior brother.  I told her my senior brother is a radical and he goes to clubs e.t.c. while I don’t do all those things.  Infact, I want to marry and settle down because I have a clear vision of what I want to do and it is not stated in any law that it must follow that way or step.  I was in marriage for 4 to 5 years before my senior brother eventually married it was not that I was a rich man before my marriage but I have a clear vision that I will get married before 20 years. By that time my pocket was empty but my faith was “full”.  It is not the quantity of money I have but the quantity of faith that I have.  We are going to discuss about faith, because faith is when you believe God it get you to action.  So I was in church one day we were having fellowship I looked  and I saw that beautiful young lady, just standing there.  Immediately, I pointed at her and I said I claimed you in the name of Jesus Christ. This is still that beautifully young lady i.e pointing at his wife.  September 23 this year will be my 36 Wedding Anniversary.  If you want to know how important this is to me, I need to tell you what I went through before marrying her and I can remember very clear my toast. My toast is that we thank you, O father that heaven and earth will pass away but your WILL which twisted  it will pass away has brought us together as husband and wife.  Her family gave me tough time.  She came out from a  family I can call middle class family.  Her uncle was a medical doctor as well as her senior brother and they have well  established hospitals by then.  When I told my mother that I going to marry from Ikedi family, my mother replied and told me why should I go where my hand cannot reach that I always go where my hand cannot reach.  My mother was looking at my pocket, she did not see my faith because she was working by sight.  She has seen that I don’t have money to be able to measure to the demands of the family.  Looking at Maduka family going to Ikedi family because Ikedi family have already biggest hospital at Nnewi,  well established, their names are everywhere.  My mother concluded that is my trouble is should be putting hand where my hand can reach.  I met Charity I told her I want her commitment to me that she will be my wife.  She graciously accepted.  It is true that the family of my wife is well established by then and they expected me to bring alcohol like beer, schnapps etc. but I have always declare my faith.  I told them that I will not come with alcohol that I will only come with mineral and malt.  My father in-law argued with me and try to convince me why I should I bring alcohol.  I did not know that unbelievers know this bible that much.  He took me several places in the Bible that Jesus Christ said I will drink of this vine until I drink it in heaven e.t.c.  He did all that, for me to see reasons why I should bring alcohol.  My wife’s uncle “Dr. Ikedi Edozim” could not take it.  Take note:  We are not quarrelling, as a matter of fact he is my best in-law today.  Dr. Ikedi Edozim could not understand why I should go to their family and dictate to them what they will accept and what they will not accept.  By then, born again Christianity was not prominent.  By then, if you say you are born again; people make jest of you, to be a Christian was not fashionable.  People come to church when they have experienced the new generation, infact born again Christian were looked upon as “outcast”.  Finally, they agreed that I should pay for the bride price and bride wealth without bring alcohol.  I told my family to accompany me which they refused and  I took two brethren from church, with my maltex and coca-cola.  I went to pay for the dowry of my wife.  After I paid for the dowry, they gave me my wife.  I sent her to our pastor’s house.  She was living with our pastor.  Immediately we started planning for our wedding.  I took an invitation and I went to Dr. Edozi Ikedi’ house to invite him for the wedding. I knocked at the door, Dr. Edozim Ikedi asked who is that I said Cosmos.  He replied and said Cos-what; if I come out you will disappear while I was still persuading him to try and grace the occasion.  The man repeated himself; immediately he came out with a gun and shot the gun twice and this attracted the attention of villagers to know what is happening.  Infact, I ran as far as my leg can carry me abandoning,  in the process, my friend’s pickup van I borrowed, to his house I ended the race in my father in-law house.  I thought it was all over, he followed me to my father in-law house and was pointing at my father in-law by saying Patrick if you like you can destroy this family, this illiterate dictate to us what will happen in this family.  You can give your daughter free if you like to but this boy must bring “Nkwu-elu” whether he like it or not. Indeed, that day I was proud of my wife.  My wife- Charity came out immediately and challenged her uncle by saying “uncle enough of this, why are you embarrassing my man.  He is my choice I did not choose your wife.  Please if I make a mistake allow me to live with it”. That is why, you can say whatever you like I don’t care because I adore my wife.  The front seat of my car, no lady sits there except my wife.  If you enter my car and my wife is not there, you will sit at the back I will be your driver because that front sit is dedicated to her.  This year is our 36 years experience.  We looked for child for 7 years.  Trials of faith is part of the packet because God never promise us that it will be easy.  You cannot be an overcomer if there is nothing for you to overcome.  How do you expect God to put you in one pipe and bring you out in another pipe and call you an overcomer.  There are going to be obstacles in your life.  When you pass those obstacles that is when you will become an overcomer.  Let me tell you adversity in life is nothing but refining fire that burns out impurity in our lives.  Job said when I am tried, then I shall come forth like Gold purified things that happen to you do not matter but rather the things that happens in you.  It is about your mind-set, the way you  think has to do with everything  I am telling you this morning.  This is part of my journey and experience.  When we started living as husband and wife.  By that age of 19 years plus, I got three bedroom flat.  I did not marry my wife and put her in my parent’s house (mother’s house), my own rented 3 bedroom apartment.  When I believed the gospel.  Maduka family persecuted me.  That is (our family).  Maduka family called me one afternoon and that day I went with one Reward Egbuonu.  They said this nonsense that I am talking about how many people believe this nonsense I told them that Jesus said those that believe  they are mother, brother and sister.  The family told me from today I should stay with Jesus that Jesus should give me an inheritance and so on.  The Maduka’s family did not give an inheritance. All Igbos do give their male children a portion of ladn where they will build a house. Where I built my house at village Jesus gave it to me, I did not  get any from Maduka’s family.  Jesus provided all to me.  The family asked me to make a decision between my faith and my inheritance, infact, it was that day that they knew the battle has been drawn but today I am the best brother in Maduka family and the best  in-law in Ikedi family.  Jesus is good, without him I can do nothing.  Do you think  my background as anything to do with it; No No, based on my background I will be an okada driver.  This is why I said your mind-set is the major; stop thinking who you are, were you came from, your background and everything that has happened wrongly in your family, how your family people are backward.  You are not them anymore because you are now in Christ Jesus.  You have entered into a new family. There is blood regeneration upon you; this means a blood-tie when you make commitment to Christ. Whatever that happen in your family that barrier is broken because you have shifted from a formal site to a new site.  We went back home, by then I was already living in three bedroom flat well-furnished.  I had gas cooker, I had a refrigerator, I had a ceiling fan by then there is no air-condition, uphostry chairs and well rugged rooms but  I was a tenant where I was living even though it is Nnewi my village and this is where I took my wife after wedding. It was not long things turn out to be rough.  There are obstacles on your way to success but those obstacles are not meant to overcome you but rather to strengthen you; you don’t measure success by the position you attend in life rather measure success by the obstacles you overcome in life to get to where you were.  What are the mountains you overcome before getting to the level you are.  I rather prefer to go to a lunch with child you do not know where his next school fees will come than rather going to lunch with Prince Charles of England who would always prefer to do his mother’s biding earning millions of pounds from age-long  family investments.  When you have a backward background that no one gives you a chance.  That is why, a song goes like this, they said I will not make it and they said I will never amount to anything for anything when I was a child I gave my life to him.  The song aptly tells my story and each time they sing that song “I am gone, you needed to sprinkle water on me to revive me”. This is because you are telling my story.  Nobody gave me chance in life.  I do tell people your parental background is not a factor to whom you will be; if your parent is rich or poor, it does not guarantee who you will be in life.  You can come from a very poor family and you take Jesus Christ (God) by his words and commit your life to him and he will give you a bright future while you can come from the richest family on earth and do not know Jesus Christ you are nobody and you go to hell.  I remember during my childhood, I was not  up to 7 years when my mother will fry “Akara” and ask me to go and hawk them.  Early in the morning my mother will wake us up.  We will pray rosary kneeling down for a long time very early that time before she will start her Akara business.  My mother indeed inculcated the hunger for prayer in my life.  This made me learn how to do intense prayer on my morning devotion or to contact heaven each time I pray. So my prayer is not just mere speaking words of prayer. My mother planted that seed in me.  I used to go and hawk that is sell Akara.  My mother discovered my entrepreneur capability.  I sell one try pan of Akara and come back and take another.  I even finish the second one before my senior brother.  If I finish Akara hawking.  I then go to school.  That is why I see children hawking I identify with them because  that is how I started.  Before I came to Lagos at the age of 8, I used to climb palm trees to cut palm –heads at the fee of 3 kobo.  To cut down the palm fronds with palm head attracted the fee of 6 kobo.   I did this at that age to assist my poor mother keep up, feeding and other essentials in the home.  When you see me there I look so small that you will be asking is this a human being or a bird.  Infact, I do anything at all to support my poor mother.  I was the bread winner at the same of 7 and 8 years.


Before marriage I have started making a little success in business.  I have become an importer before I reach the age of 19.  I imported motor-cycle CD 175 gear petal, and some other things.  So of many consignment came and they were wrong consignment, my capital disappear (went down), when my capital went down I have already gotten marriage and things were  rough.  People then mock me more because  I am a born again Christian.  They even call me a fanatics, the mockery was much.  I am talking about mind-set; by tomorrow I am going to agitate your mind because you need to get away from your comfort zone  because if you are on your comfort zone you will never reach your potential in life. You need to discomfort your self.  A good example is a small egg; if the chicken still remain there, the mother will keep on giving it wing or cover; but the chicken inside the egg needs to find it way into the world and in this situation  the chicken needs to help itself by breaking the egg.  Nobody  can help the chicken even the mother because if the mother tries it; the mother will end up killing the chicken.  It is only when the chicken comes out that the mother can cover it.  The chicken has something to do by itself  before the mother can now cover it with her wings.  The problem there is that a lot of brothers are lazy.  They sit in the house and justify themselves by saying I don’t have a job, nothing is going well with me.  You need to get out and keep yourself busy with anything because job will not fall from heaven.  It is in your sincerity of mind that God will now intervene in your situation.  I am sharing my testimony with you, so many of us have become irresponsible by leaving the financial burden on our wives.  Get out and do something.  By then I am already indebted with the landlord.  In that situation of lack, I remember a scale which was given to us as a gift during our wedding.  I took the scale and went to Nkpor market and if anybody comes to check his/her weight I will collect 10 kobo.  I was carry scale and people laughed at me by saying “look at this Jesus boy, see where this has resulted to” but within my mind I am determine that I am going to survive I did not fell ashamed because I was doing something legitimate to earn money.  One of those days, my wife  asked me and I told her what  I was doing.  Indeed, she felt so humiliated and she cried like a little baby and said has things become too bad to the extent of carrying scale.  When God gives you a wife; the bible said he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and obtain favour from God.  The word find  is an active – verb.  So you need to look to see what you can find because if you are looking for pointed-nose, God will give you character.  Immediately, she said is it bad like this and she started looking for job and she got job at a place called  “Amalieye”  and they were paying her N85 because I am her head for me to decide what to do with the money.  I am the man of the home.  She supported me.  I was struggling back and front, sometime if I see anybody going with a car; I will ask can I drive you.  One day, we have a camp meeting by this time I am worshipping at Lord’s mission, I have left the Central Christian Fellowship.  Our pastor, David Animuchukwu.  I mention names so that some of you who knows this people will know whom I am talking about.  We have a meeting, Lius Muoka came and we (brethren) were trying to raise money to build church.  Before, coming to the camp meeting I have gone to Nkpor market to do my usual  scale business and I have made small money from people coming to check their weight.  By tomorrow will be discussing on the principle of success.  Some of us coming from Pentecostal churches will know that preaching about giving is taking seriously and the sermons are very powerful than what the end-time churches preach for you to receive the holy-ghost.  This is because they will make the seat too hot for you either you stand and bring the money or you go home with a condemnation.  This preaching was hot, I had a bottle in my mind because pastor said everything should bring out everything he has in his pocket and I now said where did this man read in the bible  that he is talking about everything, infact, he is selfish.  This man did not know the kind of business that I am doing that he is talking about everything.  I have a heart that obey God because today some people if I have all the money I will win the whole world for Christ and if I have education, I will conquer the world.  God  is not looking at your education but a heart that is surrendered to him, not education because without God your education will not take you anywhere.  When this preaching was extra hot, immediately obeyed God and I took everything in my pocket and drop it at the offering box.  When the money was counted it was discovered that it was not enough and they said people need to give more money.  By  this time I told myself that he that is on the ground fears no fall.  This preaching can go on from now till tomorrow because this preaching is not met for me.  This is because I have given everything in my pocket.  I am not among the people pastor is talking to.  As this preaching went on, the preaching piers my heart that wrist watch in my hand which was given to me as a gift, I have to remove it in my hand and went to offering box an drop it and went back to my seat by this time I was at peace with myself.  A Christian must act by inspiration because the bible said as the body without the spirit is death.  If you have faith and that faith is not put to work that faith is death.  The level of that preaching have just fired me up. I went home; on getting to the house I told my wife what David said I was young and now I am old, I have never see any man that believe God that begs bread.  Our friend Edwin Uzochukwu gave us a bag of rice that time.  I told my wife that we are taking it to pastor’s house and she agreed and we took the bag of rice to our pastor.  We do not have food in the house.  When we came back we are looking at each other.  The following day I move out again to continue my “scale” business.  Infact, when you get desperate, you bring God  to the scene.  You have to do something, you can remain still, if you have a need, you have to do something.  When you have a need and you are not doing anything, it means you don’t have a need if you have a need, your faith  will throw you into action.  The following day I went out, I saw Benson Emewadu driving and I asked him can I drive you, he said yes and I started driving and we were heading to Onitsha, as we are going he asked me what has become of you.  I said Benson I have a misfortune from the goods I imported.  It was a wrong consignment but I am confident of myself.  No matter the situation I am passing through I have never loose confidence of myself. Romans 5:3 – 5.  Hope is granted, our hope in Christ is not a hopeless hope, is a hope that is anchored. God is the insurance company we place hope on and we cannot write cheque on him and it will bounce.  God is the under write.  We were going to Onitsha, as the discussion continued with him and I told him, if I can find someone that will give me N5,000 before this year finishes I will make it N10,000.  The discussion went on and when we arrived Nnewi, he said I should see him that evening.  That evening I went to his house and he asked me to repeat what I said which I did, immediately he counted N5,000 and gave it to me. This was about two to three days after I gave everything I had in church.  Do not do it because I did it because if you do not do it by inspiration it will not profit you anything.  Let God inspire you before you do anything because if you do it without inspiration, you will say that Bro. Cosmos just came to deceive me.  The three lepers said, if we go to enemy camp we will die and if we stay here, we will die and finally they decided to go to enemies’ camp and they did not die.  They ended up not saving themselves but the entire nation, but they took a decision of death before going.  Do you know that three of them would have been killed.  That is faith, they did not save their lives alone but that of the nation because they are not willingly to keep their lives.  So wait until God inspire you otherwise you will start blaming your uncle, aunt, aunty or the other person.  I did that and it works for me.  I am not preaching it as a doctrine but if God inspire you to do something, so do what God inspire you to do.  May be you do not believe me.  I will read for you Bro. Branham message.  He said in a message, faith without works. Bro. Branham ministry.  He do not want to have anything to do with money, as result of these, he does not collect offering in the church and as well as gifts from people.  A brother corrected Bro. Braham by telling him to be accepting the gifts people are giving him because bible said it is better to give than to receive.  During that 1950s, brother Branham said if he has been collecting gifts people have been given him, he would have been a dollar millions by that time, he reject freewill offering.  Bro. Branham said that there is a brother had an impendent of speak, that is (stamara). There is a minister of God that came from Canada. The brother job is to crack stone and his wage is 25 scent per hour.  This brother that is doing this job got married to a beautiful lady which could be an idol for any man and they are childless.  One day a minister of God from Canada came to preach in U.S.A. with that little wage which the brother is paid, he has been able to secure or buy a two bedroom apartment.  He said, the slept  and God told him that there is a man of God that come and he did not have a place to stay; infact he is staying in a place that is not decent enough and God told him to give his two-bedroom apartment to the man of God that came from Canada.  In the morning, he called his wife and told her what God said and the wife said do exactly what God told you.  On that morning, when he told the wife, his speech was clear. According to the brother, he said God said they should only take their kitchen utensils and their clothing and leave, which they did as God has commanded them.  The brother went to the man of God and told him, God said I should give you my apartment.  The brother took his wife without knowing where he was going, it was like the bible days are here again.  The brother took the wife to the bible days are here again.  The brother took the wife to one small hostel and it was difficult to pay for the hostel.  One day, a woman (she is not a Christian) saw the brother and said you look like a good man. I can offer you my garage, so that you can live there but on condition that you will be cutting the grass of my company.  The brother agreed.  The woman’s garage turn out to be the brother’s home.  While he was staying with his wife.  One day, as he was reading his bible, God spoke to the woman to write this brother a cheque of $10,000 and when this brother came back to work, she called him and said God said I should give you this cheque of $10,000 to do business.   The brother was amused and refused to collect the money because he felt the money was much.  After much persuasion, the brother collected the money.  The woman continue by saying  I can see you are godly man. After, the  brother have collected the money, he did not go immediately to cash the cheque but rather he kept it.  One day as he was coming back from  his work (that is cracking of stone business), he saw a house that was advertized for sale and the price of the house was $2,500.  He then, cash this money and paid for the house and started renovation on the house.  After the renovation he sold the house for $6,000.  This brother continue during this; from this business God lifted the brother up. According to brother Branham that day he is giving this testimony, he said the brother worth half a million U.S.A dollars ($500,000) from that $10,000 that was given to him. Brother Branham gave this testimony by August 1950, brother Branham went further in that testimony that the wife of the brother Branham went further in that testimony that the wife of the brother just delivered yesterday and this is why the brother could not come for the meeting. The brother impediment of speak has gone, just for this single act of obeying  God.  I deviated to give you this testimony because it is similar to my own but not that I am comparing my own to what the prophet said.  I took this N5,000 and went back to my office to start my business and I committed my life to Christ and promise  God that I am not going to do anything illegal and promise God that I am going to do business in a righteous manner.  I really prayed and committed everything to God and consecrated my life to God.  Now listen I came to Lagos about three times, this is where money mean more to me than you can understand.


I came to Ilomabara shop at 88, Griefic street, Olodi Apapa  to buy spare-part.  After buying spare-part from the shop. One of the boss went to his master’s shop and took engine-verb of 20 set of CD 175 and added it to my goods and ask me to give him N200.  I gave him N200 but immediately  I gave him my spirit sink, condemnation was all over me.  I could not move my next leg. Infact, I was down-casted without waiting time. I request that my money should be given back to me because this is not what I came here to do. The boy said no I should go with the 20 sets of the engine-verb of CD 175 which I refused.  After much argument the boy still refused, I told the boy that if he did not give me that N200, I will wake his master’s wife who was fast asleep in the shop. Ilomobara did not trust his wife and this is how we men do.  I mean men not brothers.  Some men will put the name of their children in their business even when the child has not been born.  This is because they believe that their wives will misappropriate their money.  Those men are afraid that their wives will spend their money on their relatives and parents. This is the case of Ilomobara.  Later I knew he told the boy to be watching the wife that the wife was stealing while it was the boy who was the actual criminal.  The woman was sleeping when the boy cross-over her and took 20 sets of engine-verb of CD 175 and put inside my goods.  Many traders from Nnewi witness the scene, Goddy Onyejekwuru was also on the scene, by them he was an unbeliever.  Goddy and I attended camp meeting recently, infact to be preside we attended camp meeting two weeks ago and I fasted with him when he came to Lagos.  He is now a Christian but by then he was unbeliever.  He told me to take the engine-verb I insisted that the boy must take.  All the traders from Nnewi abuse me and said church man, if the church that you are going has any meaning why did you fail at the first time, you are claiming to be good man while you are a criminal.  I told myself that they can call me whatever they want I must puat myself or make reputation before I leave this place.  I immediately told him that if he did not do so, I will wake your oga madam and complain to her.  I said may be God has decided to implicate you because if you do not give me this money, you are already implicated.  When he continued with the argument, I woke her oga madam and I started complaining to her.  I came here to buy goods I did not buy engine-verb, your boy brought engine-verb and put inside my goods and asked me to give him N200 which I did but I want the money back. This is my invoice.   The boy immediately denied the act and I said how did the goods entered inside my bag if you did not supply me with the goods.  They held the boy and search him and my N200 was recovered.  The engine-verb was returned back to the counter.  All the traders abuse me because I block their way.  Traders make money through this way. They call it Afia Awa. I expose the whole thing because of my believe but I went back and struggled, believe me by then I was trading on Honda 675 by the end of that year I made account to benal.  I told him the whole money is now N18,000, he find it difficult to believe me.  He said I gave you N5,000 and you are telling me that the whole money is now N18,000, that means you made gain of N130,000 in less than one year.  And he told to return his N5,000 and as well as addition of N5,000 and take N3,000.  I went to his office to give him the money.  I returned back his N5,000 and gave him addition of N3,000, instead of N5,000.  I begged him to collect N3,000 instead of N5,000 that later I will bring N2,000.  This is because my goods will go down if I should return N10,000 at once which he accepted and received total of N8,000 from me.  I told him later I will bring the N2,000 which he agreed.  After two months I took the remaining N2,000 to him and I became a free man.  This is how my capital came back again.  During this process I met Joseph Ama.  He was a student at Unilag.  He came with his junior brother called Henry who was (trading) with spare-part.  They came to my office at the back of somewhere and they met me.  That year ended and my capital turn-up to N36,000.  Then I teamed up with my friend called David Nwoso and we came down to Lagos here and we were importing goods and that year ended again  with our money increase to N360,000.  This time I am telling you N1 was almost two dollar.  N1 was 88 cent, with N1 you can get almost $2.  Our naira has value by then, by the end of that year our capital turn to be N700,000.  This means myself and David had about $2,000,000 and this was before 1980.  I became a really rich man but because of my background and what I have suffered.  If I make money I will not want anybody to know that I have made money, so I kept so low profile and by then I was driving a motor bike. People were surprise when they had I have bought a car.  People started gossiping that I am making propaganda that I have money and when I had this I have to buy Mercedes 280 for David and even BMW 732 for myself the same year.  I wanted them to know that I am not making nose but rather that I have arrived.  From there things begin to happen until David and I broke up.


Let me give you this testimony, infact let me connect it to how I got in contact with Bro. Branham message.  All these time I have been in Pentecostal churches and I am very serious in Pentecostal churches but what I am saying now is not to bring down anybody church.  The true is that the function of your development as a human being comes from the kind of food that you eat.  If you eat the right kind of meal, you are refresh and polish and healthy but if you are eating to survive, you will be malnourish. A good example is a child that they give pap without adding beverages. The child is forced to eat the food and it will not be long the head of the child will turnout to be big while his/her body is thin; most times you will notice this at the age of 5 to 6 years of the child and this will grow to spiritual kwashikor. Many of you do not know that there is spiritual kwashikor.  When you claim to be a Christian and you do not eat 7 – cost meal that was brought by Malachi 4:5-6 what you have is spiritual kwashikor. It will not be long, your head will be big and your body thin, because you know all the bible from Genesis to Revelation but if you look at his life, you will not see the manifestation of all things he know.  The head is big but the body has no life to backup the head.  I went to Pentecostal churches with sincerity because I want to be a good Christian. I was successful before I was 22 years, I bought my first car at the age of 22 years and before I was 24 years I was already a millionaire (a dollar millionaire), everything was well with me except that I did not have a child and by then people that didn’t like me were saying I used my wife womb for ritual purpose.  Infact, I have gone through a lot and people can say anything they like but I am not living to impress anybody but focus on what I was doing.  At age 25, at church I was having a diminishing return, the more I try the weaker I become.  At a time when I am reading the bible it was sounding like outdoor story, only good men will see the angel, I see things in the bible I was wondering while my life could not comprehend with it.  Things I never do before, I see myself doing them like fleeing around with girls (fornicating with girls), smoking and I started doing things I should not do as a child of God, I was living with condemnation, I struggle to come to church and so on.  Infact, God knows how to get attention of every of his child.  It was in this sinful condition, once time I was in Lagos, I wanted to travel to Japan, one Nelson Merengwa he was into tiling floors and he was the one that tiled the  floor of my house that time at Nnewi, I was building an upstair at Nnewi that time and this is my concurrent house at Nnewi.  This Nelson Merengwa convinced my boys (servants) that he will take to Isialangwa to that they will be rich.  My boys foolishly believe him, he brought mercury and used it to wash paper which turn into money.  This attracted them and make them to sell my goods which worth N418,000 and give it to this man, not only that, they complied other traders to bring money by telling them that I (Cosmos) is expecting goods from Japan because they thought I have actually travel to Japan while I was still at Lagos.  My boys collected money from 56 traders and took all to Isialangwa, and Samuel Otokocha made them to sign a paper that is going to do medicine for them.  I was at Lagos when the news came to me that there is a problem in my office at Nnewi.  Immediately, I came to Nnewi, traders started accusing me where are you your boys which I reply that my boys were here before I went to Lagos.  Before I knew what was happening I became the first accused.  I called my partner Ikem.  They locked both of us at police station, before you know it, they took us to state CID Enugu, it was in that cell (prison) I knew the smell of india hemp the first time.  That cell was just like hell, people defecate there and even urinate; infact, it was too bad.  No telephone to talk to my wife for her to know my where about. When the stewards are bringing foods to criminal, they put india hewn inside the food and as prisoners smoke it, the smoke will be all over your face.  I was there for about two weeks I was not able to reach my wife.  The police were looking for my boys; finally my boys were caught and they were locked-up at central police station, Aba.  The boys narrated their story to the police and based on that ground, we were released at state CID Enugu and we started this case.  It was during this case that 56 traders suit my partner and I under vicarious liberty.  In a day we had up to 3 cases in about four courts.  Some other days I had up to 7 cases at the same place, the cases where filed differently to wear us out and possibly get us nabbed under contempt of court.  I hired about  6 to 7 lawyers.  Among the lawyers I hired was an end-time message believer by name Barrister Asobundu. By this time I started working with this brother.  I knew he was different from other people I met.  You see all of us must not come to pulpit to preach before you can give someone a sermon.  I observed his life and I saw he was better than me and I want what he has.  Frankly, I sympathized with him because I learnt he believed Brother William Branham because in orthodox and Pentecostal churches they told us that Willima Marriom Branham is a false prophet.  People saw Branham message believers as fanastic, because by then you will see Branham picture at their bible, some in their cloths etc. Infact, they are look upon as a very funny people.  If you g to this brother’s house you will see brother Branham picture with the pillar of fire halo sign above his head.  Critic of the message erroneously believe that the picture that is the picture of Anti-Christ and it often speaks wherever it hung.  So whenever I see the picture in the brother house I usually pity him and said God be merciful to this brother.  But I was wondering how does this brother that was following demon has a life that I do not have.  Critics of the message do not understand the book of Revelation and this is why you see them talking like this.


When you are posses of evil spirit and Holy Spirit, you do not have control over your life.  Holy spirit led you just as evil spirit led you.  Both of them are ghost, that is holy ghost and evil ghost.  Ghost of Jesus Christ is holy spirit, his ghost come upon you.  Brother Branham told us that the worhsippers cannot lay hand upon the animals because the life of the animals cannot come back upon the believer worshippers but Jesus Christ sacrifice was a living one that when we confess our sin, Jesus takes the guiles and his life come back upon us.  I was posses with a lustful demon, so bad that when a young lady passes by I will lust after her but whenever I am with this brother, that is follower of Bro. Branham message I try to control myself but yet I couldn’t because I was deeply possessed with lustful demon.   It happen that there was a day I was travelling with the brother and I looked at a woman lustfully and the brother tapped me and told me my brother you are suffering form womangitis.  This made me to be very careful anytime I am with him but we became friends.  In the process of the friendship, one time I was travelling to Japan and I told him to travel with me.  It was that time ii bought my place at Ikiriki Olodi, I wanted to start a factory, motor cycle.  I wanted him to witness the agreement, this is why he followed me to Japan.  I always see him carry bible as well as another book which is black in colour and that black book some of us said it is 6 and 7 books of Moses, that is , is a magic book.  So one day in our suite in Plaza Hotel in Osaka, Japan he was with that book.  I watched him as he slept.  Out of curiosity, opened the book and started reading.  The first topic there I read was “God is His Simplicity” going through the first verse, was rather exciting.  As I read on, it was becoming more interesting.  I started at about 8.00p.m but before I knew it the time was 12.00a.m (midnight).  I was so moved in spirit from the richness of what I have gathered that I tapped Barr. Asobundu; he woke up still in his drowsy state  as I asked him if this book is what people are calling six-and-seven book of Moses?  He simply muttered “why not read on”.  I continued.  As I read, I got to where Bro. William Branham said when a person truly confesses his/her sin, the sins drop into the blood of Jesus Christ shed at the cross of Calvary.  He said that is why we have the word “justification”.  Justify meaning, the repented sinner, never committed any sin in the first instance.  That when the sins drop into the “blood  of Jesus Christ”, there is  no chemical composition powerful enough to bring out the sins back to the sinner.  That the sins now go back to the original owner, that is Satan, the devil. Thus, there is no way it can come back to the repented sinner again!  I cried aloud in my suite like a little baby “oh God ! I couldn’t hold myself any longer as some people came to my door apparently thinking something was wrong with me.  I felt like an Eagle that had been caged but who suddenly had the cage opened for me to fly out! Haleluyah. That was another day in my life.  If I live a million years in this life, I will never forget that day.  Nobody could pacify me as I cried.  I exclaimed !oh God  where do I start, where do I end!  God create a new world for me! let me start all over again, oh God give me another chance! I started praying and pleading like biblical Sampson seeking a second chance from God.


Before this time, I wore big afro-hairdo, with bears making me look like a ragamuffin then I use to prophesy at  Christian Pentecostal Mission, Ajao Estate.  Coincidently, that year was the year I got my first child after 7 years of marriage (1985).  On my return I said to myself, “I cannot be a business man anymore as I felt it is incompatible with living a pious Christian life.  I said I want to go to heaven therefore, I stopped importation business, closed my shops.  Some people had informed my wife that I was running mad.  Nobody knew how I was feeling then not even my wife.  I say this to the glory of God.  My wife never knew the amorous life I was living, lusting after women and having pornographic films in my bedroom even as a married man! I enjoyed then useless films.  I threw all these into the ocean; shaved my hair and bears.  Infact a new life came into me I didn’t care as I wanted everyone to know for real that I’m now a new man by the Amazing Grace of God! My life was transformed I didn’t give a damn.  Bro. Asobundu seeing what was happening told me to take it easy, it is not so much by your power but by the Grace of God” He tried to encourage me and took me to the Local Christian Assembly, Ebute Metta, Lagos.  That was my first time. Which again, I cannot forget.  The church had no beautiful structures it was a simple constructed church with zincs and wood.  Church is not about the building.  It is about the character that is found in the building.  It is not the air-condition and alumaco fittings that God is looking for.  He is looking for those that worship Him in truth and in Spirit.


Infact then, the Local Christian Assembly   from outside looked like a haven of witch doctors – But something in me liked the place.  After service, the brethren would exchange holy pleasantries, hugging one another and bidding each other goodbye! They would be singing “He has risen, He has risen, Jesus Christ has risen today”.  The song struck me as a song, I had visualized sometime in Heaven! I was the most happiest person in the world as my heart was full of joy.  Since that day in 1985, by the special Grace of God, I have never been the same again.  This is how I came into the end-time message.  I continued my business thereafter never loosing focus of my vision but now I had better understanding on how to approach thing; how to do things in a right way.  I now get directives from God, started having deeper understanding of the teachings of the Prophet of this age; I started eating and digesting 7 course – spiritual food meant for the eagles.  Indeed, God cleaned me from the lust and from desire of sinful life from that day; to him I am grateful forever and ever.  The only thing I have to tell you is that if you believe this God is real, please serve him with all your heart, do not have reservation in serving God.  God is faithful that is what I can tell you, I have proved him to be faithful.  I will continue to share my testimony with you.  Some of the things you will hear from me will sound incredible.  Bro. Branham said many times most of us talk about faith yet we don’t know anything about it.  Faith for us are mere words expressed without putting it into practice. Faith is  not something we imagine.  It is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  God never say anything He cannot back-up with His word.  In Bro. Branham’s message “faith without works” he said that everyone of us has faith, but the problem is that we are afraid to let loose our faith. Many of us are holding back because we feel very bad if that which we want does not happen; we put the cart before the horse.  But God want us to put our faith into practice.  If we do, we would be surprised to see the awesome thing God can do as I have personally experience in my life.


Let me share one of these testimonies with you.  Not long ago, I had a situation in which I had to put into practice what I learnt from the teachings of Bro. William Branham on faith.  It may appear incredible but please believe me for everything I say is the truth and nothing but the truth.  Bro. Branham said it is only your faith that will do you good.  Nobody, neither your brother, sister or pastor can help you, it is only your faith.  God works on your faith.  Brother Branham said I have seen through decrement were people are in a prayer line, a genuine Christian looking for healing and I will been praying that she/he will  not miss God’s touch and yet he/she miss it while I will see a prostitute coming with a strong faith and the prostitute will receive divine healing.  He said God does not  heal us based on our righteous life but God heals us by our faith.  This is also applied to prosperity.  God do not make you rich because you are genuine Christian; if that is the case Bill gate, Dangote, Gem Ovia would be the best Christian.  This days we have misunderstood everything as if you do not have money, is an evidence you do have Holy-Ghost.  He also said it is not sin to be poor, some people this days think that once they do not have money the world has come to an end, having money is not righteousness or virtue.  It is just for you to have the act to make money which is based on the principles of God’s word.  If you get the technique and follow it, it will work, staying at any given time.  I listen to a message which brother Branham preached 1947 titled “faith is the substance hoped for”. He told us about a sister that had appendices which has ripe and needed to be operated on.  As she came to brother Branham and in that room where they are, there was a chandilier hunged and  he observed the sister and saw the sister did not have faith to be prayed for.  Brother Branham in  most cases will want to build the faith of people who came to be prayed for.  Sometime he might tell the person to go and listen to the word of God before he/she can be prayed for.  He has healing gift, which goes with compassionate spirit, it pains him when he see Christians who are in need of healing and they cannot exhibit an atom of faith.  He always speak to people to build their faith up before praying for them.  When he looked at her, he said sister you do not have faith and the sister started arguing with him and he said if you say you have faith can you look at this chandelier and by your faith speak to the chandelier and tell the chandelier to swing around and stop and turn again and swing.  She said to brother Branham, you know this is not possible because this is superious and this is a natural thing and it cannot be done while bro. Branham said this is possible if you desire it. The lady said I desire it.  Bro. Branham said I set my mind on it. The word I set my mind on it is the operating word for me.  Indeed, when he set his mind on it, the chandelier  swing and turn back again and swing again. Immediately the chandelier started moving , the lady shouted this is supercious and asked did God or devil move it and brother Branham answered and said none of them.  She said if one of them, how come did the chandelier moved.  Brother said, it is my faith that moved it, he went ahead and say it is a simple faith, anybody can also exercise that kind of faith even magician uses this faith too but we are afraid to hold God by his word. He also went further to tell the sister, this may shock you to death, there is  pen knife I usually carry but the pen knife is not with me as I am standing here, I do not know where I left the pen-life, may be is on the table where I was praying or in the cupboard, but if I have faith and prayed that God should bring the pen-knife inside my pocket it will be done as I said it this may shock you to death.  That is a prophet and I believe him that what he is saying is true.  The prophet said I am saying this to built your faith so that you receive healing from God.


Recently, there was a land I was looking for.  The land is behind my office about 8 to 12000 squares of land.  I have  tried everything I can to get the land but did not succeed infact I have send people to go and offer the owner 750 million naira which the owner said they will not sell anything below 1.2 billion naira.  One day, I was on top of my building in Abuja just walking around, and something told me, I have not prayed about this land, immediately, I stretch my hand towards the land and prayed “father , lord I pray and ask you to give this land I need this land for expansion of my business in Jesus name.  Lord by whatever mean you can make it possible, I am trusting you and I believe you are going to give it to me and I am saying this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen”.  After that prayer I had an inner feeling that, the land is mine.  One day, when I wanted to open that my building that is behind the land and I invited Mr. President to come and open that building.  In my human mind I was trying to work it out. I have to put the tape for the opening of the house to the side of the land so that if  Mr. president is opening the house; I can point to him to do me favour by asking minister of federal capital territory to give it to me.  Incidentally, mr. president did not come rather he send someone to represent him.  Devil said poor you, you see you cannot get that land but my faith never change when I set my mind on anything I do not take my eyes away from it.  One day I went to see mr. president (Goodluck Jonathan), as I was waiting to see him.  Some of us when we pray we do not have an idea of what we want to ask God, we just open our mouth.  Before going to president, I wrote down three things which I wanted to ask him for, and as I was waiting I saw someone that has something to do with that land.  AS the person pass by; I immediately included the land behind my building as item 4.  Indeed, the item 4 was not the reason why I went there.  When I entered to see Mr. president I said the first three quickly and added the land behind my house.  That land was reserved for NIPOST, NIPOST is no more existing and it was later allocated to federal minister of information and I learnt it has been revoked.  Mr. president I pray you to assist me and talk to minister of federal territory to give this land to me. He did not say Yes or No which I continue to plea.  Please I know you can do it for me and he said okay.  I said the minister is here, when we go our you should talk to him and he decided to accompany me out and as we were moving, the minister saw us and move close to us and greeted president, immediately I told president to talk to him.  Mr. president said, Cosmos will talk to you and I said thank you Sir. Then I turned to the minister and said, it is the land behind my building and he obliged and request.  You will not believe it that land has been allocated to me, I paid 80 million official fee and certificate of occupancy is with me.  I did not bribe anybody and this is land I priced 750 million.  You will not believe because it sound incredible but it is the gospel truth.  My main building in Abuja.  I have not gotten certificate of occupancy but this one I prayed about I have gotten the certificate of occupancy.  God is faithful and if I tell you what he has done, it will sound incredible.  That word incredible means it is impossible but it is truth.  God is trying to see who among us will have enough faith to believe his word and if we can believe God, we will be amazed of what He can do in our lives.  In that message “faith is the substance” in paragraph 15 of it “this day we are living in it is such a day of an unsettle peace and unsettle rest, everywhere people are running thro and fro seeking whatever they may seek. Once anybody can get a follower, no matter what they teach or think, somebody will listen to them and is like the day the prophet has spoken of.  People when they are hungry, they will eat from anywhere.  If children and people are starving they can eat from cabbage can; that they might be used to eating from a nice table but if they are hungry, they will eat somewhere. So I think real true ministers of God (gospel) ought to be up and going.  Ought to be given the people the right thing, (meat) in due season”. I am just trying to discuss this faith, as well as what Bro. Branham said about faith, this will help you to know how to exercise this faith. “Now this subject of mine as I testify to you that I am not a preacher” Incidentally the person speaking to you is not a preacher as well.  “I just merely have gift of healing I am humble to say it came from God and I have nothing to do with it, it is ordained by God many years.  I have nothing to do with it but God brought it.  The key to the scripture is faith. He that cometh to God must believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him; without faith it is impossible to please God.  This world was made by faith things were shaped into existence by faith.  God seen that throw down, hanging out there in the air that call it whatever you want to call it and he spoke it and said let there be light and there was light and that brought the land forth and dry it up and so forth. It was the ark of God.  The whole world was made by faith.  You are today by faith, many of you told your employer you will be back tomorrow to work.  How did you know you will, you told your wife you be home after service, how did you know you will.  You told the person may be call a cab to pick you up at 11 o’ clock.  How did you know you will be here.  You may be eternity before 11 o’ clock today, you see but is all by faith everything is by faith”.  We live by faith everyday but the truth is that we have done it so much that we live in it by our sub-conscious but when it really matters for us to express faith, we bring doubt but without faith you cannot come here today and be listening to me.  You are sitting on that seat by faith, if do not have faith, if you sit on that seat it will break. Many of us think that faith is something like a pad that fly into your hand.  It is coming to a conclusion where you will get every voice silenced in you, no other voice speaks but the voice of God when you hear God’s word regarding to a situation you are praying for.  No other voice comes in, you silent every other voice that is faith.  Let me tell you how Bro. Branham explained it.  “Now so many people speak of this subject faith and know so little of it. Now listen to me friend I love you and want to see you healed.  There is so many people speak of faith does not know one principle of faith.  Now you are all together, we many never meet again this side of eternity.  If it has a place where we could be together and I could gladly bring this up where you will able to see it plainly, then what you will now because many of you are going to think and you are probably people will get the wrong impression of me tonight when I am trying my best to get this to you”. And this is my prayer that as you are seated here, you will not get wrong impression of me as I am explaining this to you because it is not about myself but about God word.  And you may think it is self exhortation but is not my lovely friends it is for your benefits.  If I can just get you to see what God has done for you.  Now so many people come through the line and they say O I have faith to be healed and friend when they pass I know the haven enough faith while they do not have enough faith to cure a toothache that right and some of them come with cancer and said I have faith to be healed and they do not have faith.  My scripture lesson today says faith is the substances of things hope for.  The evidence of things not seen.  It is something that you imagine, something that you think you have.  Some direct positive act that you have.  Did you see what I mean.  Faith is a gift of itself.  You may have a portion of it but there is a gift of faith just as some of you can anoint the sick and pray over them and have a result but that is not the gift of healing. It is a portion of faith, but it is not direct gift of healing but there is only one direct gift of healing, there is only one direct gift of faith and there is only one direct gift of miracle and so forth.  In the scripture the apostles had it and they did mighty work. As when we leave this city as many people say  I have notice some place after I have some of them many 15 or 20 of them said, the lord gave me gift of healing well God bless your heart while some say Bro. Branham lay your hands upon me so I can the gift of healing. I wish  I could.  I would have everyone of you pass through the lien and I will say there will be any sick person left here in ______ in few weeks from time.  That is right, but it is not my to give.  It is the substance of things hope for. There are three things hope, charity, faith.  Hope is one element, charity is another and faith is another element.  Charity is love.  I have seen many people come by, loving people, real Christians but do not have enough faith to be healed and some sinners pass by and they have the faith and be healed.  Faith is another element altogether; it is not well you serve God it is an element that you poses yourself.  Now I want you to see this because it is for your benefit. “Our Brother Branham exercise faith enough because he has had situations which he prove God by faith.  In another message brother. Branham was giving testimony by saying your faith is the only thing that can do you good. Your believe that is your faith in God.  Without faith it is impossible to please God.  Is that true.  Now you believe it with all your heart”.  When you give anything your all. It means there is nothing left, this mean when you say you believe God with all your heart, that implies  that there is no unbelieve in you. You cannot  believe God with all your heart and there is an element of doubt.  Emphasis is ALL.  “When you come through that you are going to get well, you will get well and  if you  do not believe it, you will not get well.  No matter what happened, you would not be healed  unless you believe it with all your heart.  Brother faith is the substance of things hope for, evidence of things not seen. Taste, feel, smell, or hear but you know it, it is faith.  O God bless your heart. I wish I could get you to see it.  Look here friends, it positive, is that shirt while, well, haring right here if you believe it.  The substance of what, most of the people just hope oh I believe I will get well.  99.9% of every thousands pass by do not have the first principle of faith.  They have hope instead of faith, faith is positive.  O real, when you come you know what is going to be if you know that you  are going to healed this afternoon.  If your sense of faith declare to you that this  gift comes from God and that you are going to be healed.  Just as much as your sense declare that shirt is white, you will surely receive your healing.  So what I mean if you can trust human part while not trust the super-human part, if you can trust the body while not trust the spirit but the spirit superior over the body.  This is how it is”. In paragraph 75 when I was healed over stomach ache.  I do not have anybody with gift of healing to pray for me. The elders anointed me and told me they read it from the bible.  They anointed my head, and told me the bible said so, before they did that they ask me do I believe and I said yes.  And I said lord I am asking you to heal me with all my heart.  I went home and started.  I have been taking anything solid except water and juice.  According to doctor I was told not to eat solid food because this could lead to my death.  After prayer, I went home to eat beans corn and orions for a dinner.  When my mother saw me, she said doctors warm you not to eat solid food but I reply to her and said God said I will live.  And he said to God if I die I am coming up to meet you and if I see you lord I will say I die trusting your word, I have tried the doctors long enough and they cannot help me.  When I took the beans and orions,  it really taste good because it has been long time I eat something solid (over a year something solid), and when I eat the first one the food was coming out and immediately held my mouth so that the food will not come out and continue  until I finish a plate of the food.  After the food I started rowing on the floor, she asked me how you are feeling. Wonderful I am fine.  She ask me further are you about to die, I answered no mum and as I was rowing on the floor I started singing:

“I can I will I do believe

“I can I will I do believe (2 times)

That Jesus heals me now

I will take you at your word (2 times)

Believing that with all my heart, I got weak and I failed cross the bed and I said mercy mercy o Lord and I felt into sleep.  My mother watches me and thought I will die before day break but I woke up the next day demanding another corn of beans.  I told myself that devil will not cheat me again because every promise of God is mine.  Every chapter is the bible talks about my healing is mine because I am trusting in his word divine, every promise in the bible is mine.  As I was going on the street with my mouth full of beans  and some people are asking me, brother Branham how are you feeling and I said wonderful.  And the person reply and said brother Branham you are lying.  They are asking how my body was and I was replying them based on how my faith was.  My faith was full because I took God by his word, this is God words is true.  This what people will say to you when you confess your faith because bible said we work by faith, not by sight.  This is a brother that God has used him to raise the death, heal all manners of diseases but God also tried him based on faith and by faith he took God’s word for it after he has been prayed for . He refused to take no as answer. This Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Abraham our father called everything contrary to existence.

Bro. Branham song:

“Every promise in the book is mine

Every chapter, every verse, every line is mine.

I am trusting in his word divine,

Every promise in his book is mine”.

Bro. Branham in his message the hidden life 1955.  “Has Christ  mean more to you than all the world.  Do not live n an emotional or mental workup.  I mean from the depth of your heart that something started in there and something taken place, that you do not know how it come and you are hint away and your whole emotive is to serve Jesus Christ.  Have you enter that place my dear brother, have you come into the place where you do not care what anyone says not to go out an act smart but till the love of God is anchored into you, that you do not see anything else.  Your whole emotive is to do the will of God.  Love for everybody flowing free from everywhere.  What a place to live, that is the hidden place and it is a place where we ought to be and that is where God will reveal his secret things to you.  That is where God does the blessing and the calling.  I know you understand what I mean”.  Have you got to the place where Jesus Christ means everything to you?  Money is not everything, success is not everything. They are extra curriculum.  The main subject is a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ in his power of resurrection.  If you follow God principles, God will prosper you as he prosper me. Prayer I made as a child was that Lord should get me to be a place where I see any business to do that capital will not prevent me from doing that business. Many of us are afraid to ask God because we think that what we are asking is impossible.  English people are not Christians, ordinary men who understand the principles of success said the word impossible is a lie.  They said impossible do not exist, that word impossible, if take “im” out from it, that impossible becomes possible.  Bible said to him that believeth all things are possible.  That prayer I always make when I was a child, which is God, should take me to level where if I want to do any business and capital will not prevent me from doing it.  In other words, it means I want an unlimited resources.  Indeed, I watch over this because it is a prayer. In 2008, God answered that prayer.  It may sound ridiculous to you.  I have something I want to sell and I have offered it to someone to buy it for 2 billion.  I did not do a magic.  I was in my office and the person refused to buy, another person call me and I started his offer from 4.5 billion.  I told him “No” that I cannot sell it  4.5 billion and I ask him can he pay 6 billion and he said he will pay 5.5. billion and as he was talking to me another person called me and ask me for the  same thing and now increase the price to 7.5 billion and that person said can I sell it 6.5 billion which I refused and still insist on 7.5 billion.  Actually, the goods are my bulk shares in an institution that I wanted to sell.  And when the second person called me back  and said have I accepted his offer so that he can go this evening to pay, and I said if you really want to buy.  Before I sold this shares I told my group managing director that God spokes to me that I am going to see the shares up to 5 billion and he said “Oga” you always have a brain wave and I asked him “what will you give me if  I sell  this shares up to that amount. He said anything I want and I now  told him he will buy me ticket to boat-cruise anywhere in the world”  He agreed even though he was laughing at me. Then, the first intending buyer came with three of his board members to my house that evening as  I was still with my group managing director.  We started bargaining as I insisted on N7.50 per share  (N7.5 billion for my total shares).  At that juncture, another potential buyer I had earlier discussed with called on phone.  He said I didn’t confirm the N7.50 he had priced.  At that instance, I put the phone on conference mode of the hearing of my visitors.  I said “but I told you I had already concluded with another person at N6050 per share.  He retorted “Cosmos, have you become so rich that N1 billion no longer means anything to you?  Somebody offered you N6.5billion and I’m offering N7.5 and you are telling me you’ve concluded”.  I told you N7.5 and you are telling you’ve concluded”.  I told him it is not so but he should just forget it.  He now told me to the hearing of all, that he would offer N8.0 billion i.e. N8.00 per share! He said he would like to meet me immediately at my house but I refused telling him that this deal is gone as I switched off my conference mode.  Turning to my visitors, they asked me what I’m saying?  I replied “didn’t you hear  I told them I didn’t tell anybody to call; its either you offered the N7.5 billion or I sell to my last caller who offered N8.0 billion.  Because you’re my friend and coming to my house, I still sell it to you at that price of N7.5  billion”. Otherwise, because of your efforts coming here with three of your directors following your phone call this morning, I will sell it to the other person but will give you N250 million dash. The buyer said no, offering to pay N8.0 billion on the condition that we’ll sign agreement this evening to discourage any change in price. the following day this buyer paid me the total sum of N14.7 billion including the totality of other shares I had in that bank.  With this, I cleared all the debts I owed in some banks telling them that any further loan to me should now be without any collateral.  It has to be based on my new clean bill on credit from that time till now any bank I approach gives me loan without collateral.  I know some people may doubt what I’m saying as I’ve never said it in public.  But believe me for all I’m saying is verifiable.  You may wish to ask Access Bank Plc about the cheque of N14.7 billion lodged into their bank from my company 2008.


God is awesome.  Today that prayer I prayed about unlimited resources has been answered.  What I’m now asking God is for Him to consecrate my life where for money;  I want to be a manifest son of God in my own generation; to be a moving idol, a moving instrumentality of the Living God. That the person of Jesus Christ will step into my life in works is God’s promise.  Romans chapter 8  said “we know that all things work for good to them that love Him. Verse 18-21 says “for the sufferings of this present time are not comparable to the Glory that shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectations of the creation waited for the manifestation sons of God. Why, because the creature was made subject to vanity not willingly but by the reason of Him who has subjected  himself in hope because the creature shall be delivered from the bondage of the corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.  We don’t even know what we want to pray as we ought.  But God made a promise; if we can take His word for it and let go of holding back becoming angry with ourselves, we will be amazed about what God can do!  He says without him, for without him I will do nothing for without Him, I will surely fail; for without Him I will be …..

John 15:3-10 says “Now ye are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you.  Verse 4 says ‘Abide in me, and I in you.  AS the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me,



The reason the fear of success is so common in our society is because of the way we were trained as children. First, we were controlled as babes and then we started learning that there are many things we are not good at; that there are lots of things we are not supposed to do. We also study the way our role models; our parents keep putting each other down and then miraculously making up at the end. We also observe our role models at home; our parents pre-occupied with their financial problems, sometimes, not very loving to each other.

Before we get out into the world as teenagers, we are given instructions that it is worse today than our parents ventured out. We were warned that because of the inflation, we will never be able to build a nice house or in a nice plot of land. While these put downs are going on, the strangest paradox is occurring. Our parents start feeling guilty that they have so little time enjoying our youth with us and attempt to buy our love by indulging us with unearned money and possessions they never could afford for themselves. And finally, they will tell us to go, win, fight for success and do better than they did. They will subtly remind us that they sacrificed for our future, cautioning us not to blow it.

The result of this is the fear of success syndrome which is really the fear of trying. Very many people are holding back. They don’t even want to take a step of faith. They are not willing to try because of the way they were brought up. They become so conscious that all they see are obstacles and impossibilities. People cannot even confess their faith thinking that if they do and it does not happen, it will be a shame to them.

The fear of success syndrome is manifested in procrastination. This is why ordinary people become uncommonly productive by using their creative imagination. Ordinary people attain extraordinary success because they have no hands-up.

William Branham said to us in a message titled, Follow me, a message he preached to some students graduating in 1965, he said, you make yourself when you are young. Where are your young people? This is because I like to speak to them because Brother Branham told us that statistics prove that 86% of conversion happens between the ages of 16-25. Very many times, whatever you have not become between this age brackets becomes really difficult. You can become it but this is very rare.

Brother Branham said in that message, Come follow me “that you make yourself when you are young. You set your ambition to what you want to do; what you are trying to achieve in life; you think on it until it becomes your dominating thoughts”. This is what the Bible describes as your consuming passion. When anyone becomes so passionate about what he/she wants to achieve in life, he/she will find the will power to achieve what he/she wants to achieve because passion is the fuel to the will. When you are so fired up inside of you, impossibilities will vanish before you.

There is always the thinking that success is meant for geniuses. Genius is nothing more than doing well what others can do badly. Many great men have said different things about success. For Sir Winston Churchill, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without losing focus”. He also said “success is not final, failure is not fatal but it is the courage to continue that counts’.

But many of us fear to fail and our fear to fail is greater than the desire to succeed.


The first secret on the journey to success is your attitude. The Bible has a lot to say about our thinking. Prov. 23:7 says, reads. What is an attitude? Attitude is our inward feeling expressed by our behavior.  It is an advancement of our true self. Its roots are hidden but the fruit of it is always visible. Our attitude is our best friend or our worst enemy. It draws people to us or repels them from us. Our attitude is never content until it is expressed and it determines our success or failure in all our endeavours. It is a choice for it is not based on circumstances. It is not about whom your father is or your parentage. It is not about your husband not educated. It is the choice you make that determines whether you are going to be successful or not.

Our attitude will determine the quality of our relationship. It is more important than anything else. It will determine our success here on earth and as a matter of fact, our attitude here will determine our eternal destination. William Branham said so.

The remarkable thing about attitude is that we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we choose to embrace. There are two choices; a good attitude and a bad attitude. As we discuss this subject of success, we have one of these two; we are angry this morning and it is by choice. We are angry because we chose to be angry. It is not the things that happen that matters but the way you respond is what matters.

Let me share a story with you to illustrate this. It is about a guy called Dr. Franklin. His experience is the most powerful illustration I have ever come across. He was a Jewish doctor picked up by the Nazis during the Holocaust and he was put in a concentration camp. They killed his family, gave him a tattoo, shaved his hair and treated him like an animal. All through the duration of the holocaust, all those around him were amazed at his bright thought minded optimism. And when it was all over, they asked him how he managed to maintain such esteem, he said, “the Nazis could change my name, kill my family, starve me and treated me like an animal, but they cannot force me to choose the way I thought about myself and about the future. I refuse to let any man affect the way I believed about myself and the way I see tomorrow”.

Apostle Paul asked the Corinthians who had bewitched them that they should not believe the truth. Many of us think that witches fly only in the night. Witches wear suit and tie and some wear agbada. When people speak to you and say you will not amount to anything in life and you believe it and it affects you, they are bewitching you. When people speak evil to you and you accept it, the devil will come back and repeat those things to you and you say what is being said is true, and you are on the road and all you are expecting is an accident; your leg will kick a stone and you will say witches are after you, you are only expressing strong faith in the witches and witches will follow you and you will never amount to anything in life.

Dr. Franklin had every reason to lose hope with all they did to him but he refused to allow that to affect him and people were wondering as to how he could keep his optimism. He said he couldn’t allow any man’s wish affect the way he thinks about himself and the way he sees tomorrow. That is all you need!

I can also look at my story to buttress the point I am making. I was never given any chance to succeed in life. I was supposed to be a nobody as a result of circumstances surrounding my childhood. I lost my father when I was only four years and I had no opportunity of having a formal basic education because I dropped at Primary three. Today, I am privileged to be here not because of the academic qualification or the university I attended but because of the experiences and obstacles I have surmounted to get to where I am.

Life is a very strict employer. It pays you what you work for. This point is vital because many of us have been deceived. We cannot use people’s experiences over and above God’s words. The Bible is the greatest manual of success. There is no invention that has been done in the world that you cannot find in the Bible. Every human endeavor has their origin in the Bible. You can see this in the Book of Genesis. It is not because those that invented are wise but it was because they obeyed God’s laws and principles and this is why we have all the advancements today.

The word of God takes precedence over different experiences. I have heard some people say that they were in need of money; they prayed and found money under their blanket or pillow. I have been praying and opening drawers and blankets but I have not seen any money. God only promised to bless the works of our hands!

There is a Japanese church in my village in Nnewi called ……….. They have a Japanese Buddha who is the spiritual leader. One lazy man from my village went to this man and asked what he can do to earn money. Their thinking is that money is found on trees and on the streets of Japan. The Buddha priest told him to work hard. The man left there disappointed. What he wanted the priest to do was to perform magic and money will begin to rain down for him.

That is why we say life is a very strict employer; paying you what you work for. If you are running, you are paying a price. If you are jumping, you are paying a price but you may be paying a greater price by standing still doing nothing!

Anything worthwhile in life has a price and to have them, you need to pay the price. It therefore follows that nothing in life comes free. To be somebody tomorrow, you must be willing to make the sacrifice today. Whatever you will be in future would depend on your precious thoughts, actions and reactions today. Those who act wisely now would have insight into the future to make judicious decisions. Those who make good use of their time, opportunities and safe prudently are better prepared for their needs tomorrow while those who think about the here and now will have little or no reward tomorrow.

It is almost becoming a norm that the youths of today have little or no time for their studies and they still want to pass their examinations with the highest grades possible. The truth remains that you cannot eat your cake and have it. Many things distract our young people today. They are pre-occupied with the internet, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Sometimes, I thank God that I am not educated so I don’t even know how to enter some of those things, so I just profit with my time. It is either I read the Bible or newspapers rather than entering the internet and wondering from one place to the other and have nothing to show for is the spirit of the last days. People wake up in the morning and all they do is to sit down and follow whatever they are told. At the end of the day, they are busy doing nothing!

Our students are pre-occupied with the internet and when they finish, they will pray so that when they get to the examination hall, God will give them a magic biro. It doesn’t work that way. Some time ago, I was interacting with some young folks and I asked them what they would do if during their examinations an ‘expo’ comes out. The answers I got were amazing. Some of them said it will be a divine favour. A divine favour indeed! If it is really a divine favour, what then can we say about Joseph? Joseph was a son of promise and incidentally, he was spiritual; seeing visions and his brothers hated him because of this. They sold him into Egypt. In the process of his slavery, he entered the house of Potiphar and became a servant to the wife. Joseph had his dreams and his visions were clear; that he was going to rule over his brethren. But how it will happen, he did not know. He knew the destination and he could see the horizon but the different route he will take to go there, God did not show him. God keeps puzzles in your lives that latter we will find out how those puzzles go but before those puzzles are put together, God will put trials in our lives.

Joseph had an idea he would become a Prime Minister in Egypt but while he was doing the apprenticeship, it was not Joseph that was eyeing Potiphar’s wife but she was eyeing him. The devil would have whispered to him and told him, ‘it is not you that wants her but she that wants you. If you do this now, she would introduce you to the man and you will arrive at your destination easily, so you can help God to do the things you want’.

Anytime a man helps God, it has always ended in disaster. Look at Sera. When she thought that God was taking too much time concerning his promise, she suggested to Abraham to sleep with her maid, so they can help God; believing that they will get what they are looking for. Abraham succeeded and at the end, there was a son. And you will think God will kill the child. No! if you follow the principle and law of nature, it will germinate and something will happen. A baby boy was born but he was not the child of promise.

At a time, God came back to talk to Abraham that according to his promise, he will visit Abraham and he told God that he (God) had given him Ismael and that it was good enough, after all, he had looked for a child for so long and God had now given him Ismael. God told him Ismael was Abraham and Sera’s idea and not his. God told him what he promised him was a child; a son whose name would be Isaac and he will come by Sarah. And that he will surely visit him. God makes his word positive all the time. It doesn’t matter how long it has taken.

Nothing is too hard for God. The whole world is still suffering from the mistake of Abraham and Sarah. God did not kill Ismael and Abraham prayed about him. God said Ismael will be a wild man but that he will make a great nation out of him. Go to the Middle East and see how great they are. Even when Haggai and Ismael were in the wilderness and the boy was going to die, an oasis sprang up and God fed him though it was contrary to the promise. God kept his promise with Abraham. So you don’t get out of the principles of God and try to get result because it will end in disaster.

After Isaac, Abraham had seven other children and he sent them away with gifts. Today, many of us major on gifts- gifts of speaking in tongues, casting out devils, prophecy, etc. But to Isaac, he did not only give gifts but Isaac was an inheritance of Abraham. He possessed Abraham. Everything Abraham is was Isaac.

If I am walking or driving on the road and I see a mad man and then give him N1, 000, do you think I have given him counterfeit money? I gave him genuine money but he is still a mad man. But if my son asks me for N1, 000 and I give it to him, it is equally not counterfeit money. It is the same thing I have given both of them.

The picture I have painted above is the difference between those who are Christians and those who are not. The things we look for cannot take us away from the family of God; to possess everything that God is. All the promise of God to Abraham was in Isaac. “In Isaac will your children be numbered”. That is where we come from, though Jesus Christ!

In the encounter between Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, it is possible that the urge to compromise would have come to Joseph’s mind but he said God forbid. What the devil was after was to shave off Joseph’s hair and thereby finish off his destiny. But Joseph kept his eye on the goal. We all remember what happened because by refusing, Joseph saw himself in prison. So it is not every time you do a righteous thing that you get a positive result. Sometimes, the righteous thing you do can bring about a heavier punishment. But God is somewhere watching! There is a puzzle of Joseph’s life that God never revealed to him especially about all he was going to go through. But Joseph kept his mind on his dreams and the thing that took him to the prison brought him out of the prison. He finally became a Prime Minister in Egypt!

It doesn’t matter what obstacles you go through, God’s promise for your life must come to pass. If you follow God’s provided way and you refuse to cut corners and stay true to his principles, God is obligated to keep his promise. In Isaiah 43 READS. Some people vow that over their dead bodies would they live to see you make it in life; those people will die and you will move forward. This is because they have brought the curse upon themselves. God promised that no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you shall be condemned. Those are his promises.

I carry myself as a son of God. I believe that for my sake, God can sink a nation. The Bible describes us as the apple of God’s eyes. The eye is the intelligence of the body. No other part plays a higher role. You protect your eyes with all your might. So when God says we are the apple of his eyes, you know what that means. God cannot sit back and watch somebody poke his finger at his eyes.

It is becoming a norm that our youths no longer have time to do the things that are necessary for promotion in life. And this also applies to the old. Many of us sit back at home watching home movies where they kill people and drink their blood. What do you gain from such? What does it profit you? You are wasting your precious time and God’s time. Success does not come by hoping or wishing. It is a result of a strong desire that transforms dreams into concrete actions. This desire is fuelled by emotions and passion until it becomes an obsession. When you want to achieve a measure of success and you are consumed by the passion, sleep will disappear from you. The excitement of what you are going to achieve will keep you awake. Many of us say we dream while we are even snoring, but I want to let us know that you can even dream while your eyes are wide open. You are seeing the invisible and the impossible!

It is not an ordinary desire that survives disappointment, discouragement, temporary setbacks but a burning desire.

Mahatma Gandhi said one of the seven deadly sins is wealth without work. This is an Indian philosopher who is not a Christian but he told the world that there are seven deadly sins. And you cannot argue against any of them. He listed them as follows:

  1. Politics without principles
  2. Education without character- When you go to the university and you are graduating, it is said that you have been proved to be worthy both in character and in learning.
  3. Pleasure without conscience
  4. Commerce without morality
  5. Science without humanity
  6. Wealth without work
  7. Religion without sacrifice

The last is the greatest. People just want to go to church, meet God as a magician and then money will begin to flow. They are not ready to make any sacrifice. Ask them to pray for an hour and they are tired. Jesus prayed all night and came to ask his disciples if they cannot even pray for an hour. He had all night prayer and he came to meet them sleeping. Many of us cannot tarry in prayers and we want result.

The good things of life are not free except God’s given pledge. You have to work hard for them. Life does not give you what you want; you get what you worked for. That is; whatever you sow in life is what you will reap. In the economy of life, you get better and higher supply, more wealth, promotion, success, etc from life if you are ready to pay a higher price. In life, the positive you will attain is a function of your ability to make the required sacrifice to get to that position. Only few people make better demand on life when the price to be paid is getting higher. In other words, only few people get going when the going gets tough. And that is why we have many people at the bottom of the ladder and very few at the top. No wonder the Bible infers that we cannot mock God by saying; be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that he will reap. He that soweth to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption but, he that soweth to the spirit shall by the spirit live everlasting life.

Success is shy, timid and elusive. It must therefore be wooed and attracted. Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. When success is achieved, the change is usually brought about by well-conceived and carefully executed plans. Failure on the other hand needs no plan; it needs no one to woo it because it is always bold and ruthless!

God has given every one of us the ability and talent but they can only be effective if we harness them. It is not luck or chance that makes the difference but the extent to which you are able to harness God’s gifts. Somewhere in every one of us lies sleeping the seed of an achievement which if allowed and put to action will carry us to an unimaginable height, which we never thought we can attain.

All I have tried to do so far is to see if I can arouse this seed of achievement that is sleeping inside of you. Everybody has a seed of success but that seed is lying dormant in many of us. If I can through the spoken word arouse it and bring it to life, then my job would have almost been done. So I will still say more things to get you agitated so as to awaken that seed that is sleeping in you. And if you follow the principles, I will outline, your life will be completely different in the next few years.

I came from an obscure and poor background and the death of my father while I was just four years gave a very good and acceptable reason not to have success in life. I had a right to blame everybody and me including blaming God for taking my father when I was young. This is because many of us are so good at giving excuses; always looking for somebody to blame.  All I could have asked God was what wrong I had done for him to have allowed my father to die when I was just four years old. I may feel justified but that is not the issue because like I always say when you don’t have eyes, your sense of smell will become sharper. When you don’t have nose, your sense of hearing will become sharper. And God has given every one of us substitutes; something we can use that could block off the other ones.

I could have been justified to blame God for my fate but as a child, I learnt that events and circumstances in our lives do not determine our destiny, rather it is our reaction to those events and circumstances that shapes our destiny in life. No wonder there is a popular adage that says, it is your attitude that determines your altitude. A man is as big as a measure of his attitude. Whatever the man’s mind can conceive and believe, can be achieved. If what you are passionate to achieve is right and you believe in it, go ahead to do it. Put your dream across and never mind what they are saying. If you meet temporary defeat, you must have in mind that every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success. The sub-conscious mind makes no distinction between constructive and destructive thoughts and impulse. The subconscious mind will translate into reality the thoughts driven by fear just as greatly as it would translate into reality the thoughts driven by courage and faith.

Insects, animals and birds know instinctively how they must behave in order to survive but human beings without pre-recorded computer as a life guard is blessed with creative imagination which is why we should obey the Bible expression from the Book of Proverbs, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is”. By the same virtue, a German genius, Albert Einstein said, “the ability to think like no other and believe in it is a world moving phenomena”.

Therefore, have faith in yourself and have faith in God. Faith gives power, life and action to thought. Faith is the starting point of all success. Faith is the basis of all miracles which cannot be explained or analyzed by the rule of science. Faith when combined with prayer gives direct communication with God. Faith is the element which translates the ordinary vibration of thought created by man into spiritual equivalent success. So the second secret of success and leadership is that our mind cannot tell the difference between real life experience and one that vividly and repeatedly imagine. So imagine yourself as a commander in chief, and then you are greater than a general. It is therefore not surprising why Napoleon said “imagination rules the world”.

In the same vein, Albert Einstein said, “imagination is more important than knowledge”.

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