Seventh millennium in two decades, these are the prophetic years

What if you knew that at most you had about a decade left on earth to accomplish whatever you will do in your mortal Christian life. Would you do anything different? I have good reason to believe that we are living in the prophetic years and ten or fifteen years is about all the time that those in Christ have left to work. Even if the Rapture were delayed for more than another decade, at the rate that world societies are decaying and growing openly hostile toward true Christians, we will not be allowed to work much longer to get out the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ anywhere.

Inclusive religions like Polytheism, Pantheism, and Universalism do not threaten the global elite that believe mostly in Humanism but the exclusive claims of the Christian message uniquely does threaten the man-made socialist utopia that they are working to build. The Christian claim that people need to turn from their sinful lifestyles, that most of these people actually love, and turn to trust in God for His Savior and for His salvation is something that infuriates the leaders of this world and a message that they will not tolerate.

They do not believe that they need to be saved from the coming wrath of God because they do not believe in any such thing, and such messages will be outlawed wherever they gain control. They cannot tolerate the thought that the sinful world utopia that they are working to create falls short of anything that any God would require.

They set themselves up as the Lords of this earth and oppose any claim that anything called God would intervene in the affairs of the evolution process on earth. They certainly do not want to hear that a time is set for Jesus to Return, to establish a Jewish theocracy and to destroy those that oppose His coming to rule the earth. Christian Bible prophecy is something to be mocked by the leaders of the Satanic world.

We Christians do not know when Jesus is coming for His Church, it could be today, and every today that passes makes it just another day closer, but it almost certainly will happen within fifteen years. Why do I say that? Because the signs of the end of the age that the prophets and the Church founders told us about are already evident. The increasing insanity that fallen men are bringing upon planet earth is prophetic and we that study Bible prophecy know where it leads.

Man is now playing at creation without the understanding required. Man has even started altering his human genetics and DNA to try to become like God. The things that man is now dabbling in most certainly would destroy all life on earth if Jesus did not return in the next couple of decades.

We also know the Rapture of the Church is some years before God pours out His wrath on this fallen evil world that rejects the sacrifice of His Son for redemption and His coming to save those who trust in Him. So, when you weigh the evidence and add it all up, believers should come to the conclusion that at most there is 10 to 15 years left for the Church to carry out its commission.

When considering the biblical week, it is only logical that the end of 6th millennium would take place 2000 years from the death of the Messiah of Israel. It appears that Jesus died at the end of the fourth millennium making the remaining three days in the week the last days of the week that the New Testament witnesses say that we are now living in.

Jesus was crucified sometime between 28 AD and 37 AD. Scholars are all over the board on the actual year of His death, but almost all agree that it occurred within that span of  years.

The seventh millennium under the rule of Christ cannot be delayed if a biblical week of 7000 years has been determined for mortal man. God has a purpose for the seventh day of one thousand years under the rule of His Messiah. The seventh millennium will have a greater harvest of souls than the previous six millenniums combined because people will be living at a time when the curse is lifted, evil will be restrained, lifespans will be increased, deserts will bloom, there will be no birth control, and the whole earth will grow food like a garden. All will have knowledge of God, and the whole earth will become like the garden of Eden. I think at least a hundred billion people will be born in this 7th millennium.

I think the Bible suggests that the Church age is to establish the leadership that will rule and reign with Christ during the 7th millennium where God’s purpose for creating Adam and Eve on earth will be fulfilled. Jesus as the second Adam, and those born into the Body of Christ will establish the righteous utopia on earth that will fulfill the whole purpose of man’s Creation on earth until mankind enters his eternal state.

This purpose was delayed for 6000 years by man’s fall into sin, until God’s Kinsman Redeemer paid the blood price, took out a Bride in the 5th and 6th millennium Church age. And the Bride will return with Him at His second advent at the start of the seventh millennium Sabbath. She will rule and reign with Him for those thousand years that will then complete the biblical week determined for mortal man.

The whole plan of the ages finds fulfillment in the Sabbath rest of the Lord’s day and we are told that it will last one thousand years six times in the book of the Lord’s Revelation. Therefore, the prior 6 days add up to six thousand years from the fall of Adam. As further proof, scripture tells us twice that a day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day (Ps 90:4 – 2 Pt 3:8).

It is not like we are living in darkness that the Day of the Lord will come upon us like a thief (1 Th 5:4). We can see man’s rebellion against God and his desire to play God through his spiritualism and his inventions. Many even claim that man will achieve immortality by 2050 through his own scientific knowledge or spiritual evolution. Achieving long life or even immortality does not deal with man’s evil sin nature. Therefore, man will never be allowed to achieve immortality through his own efforts.

We live in the time when Israel is back in their land after two thousand years of exile and they are surrounded by enemies that want to exterminate the Jews just like the prophets have foretold. Do we think that this hatred will just go away, or will wars like the Bible describes for the end days take place in this generation? I think the answer is obvious. These are the prophetic years.

Russia is becoming a very powerful nation again and we know that Iran is becoming a threat to Israel’s existence. We were told in Ezekiel 38 and 39 that these nations would come together against Israel in the latter days. It will happen, because we are living in the prophetic years.

Violence and Jihad is rising all over the world. Almost all violence on the earth during this century is caused by those acting out what Islam teaches. How can there not be a clash of civilizations in the very near future? It will happen, because we are living in the prophetic years.

China and India are becoming superpowers making the army of 200 million that would kill a third of men on earth possible for the first time since the Bible prophecy was given. The surplus of men created for destruction in China because of the evils of one child policy, abortion, and infanticide happened in our own generation and there will be worldwide consequences to this generation living in the prophetic years. This abomination in China is still ongoing and the world no longer opposes China’s evils because all the nations have become corrupted by their own evils. The Kings of the East will bring death to a third of men on earth because the nations are evil and because these are the prophetic years.

Even those identifying with Christianity are turning to harlotry and humanism because they deny, twist, disregard, or don’t know God’s word. They follow talking heads on TV and two-legged human idols and not the Lord they claim. The Apostles of Jesus warned us this would happen with many that identify with Christianity in the last days. We have arrived to those prophetic years.

130 nations of the world already hate Christianity, most of the rest tolerate Christian religion if the sin, salvation, and return of Jesus message is removed. Jesus said the world would hate Christians as it hated Him. If the world under the control of Satan is loving certain popular “Christian” figures, you can be sure that these figures are not teaching Christ and Him crucified for our sins.

I could go on, but the signs and world trends that indicate that we are in the prophetic years would just be repeating what I wrote about elsewhere on this site. The main point is that as world populations increase and as the world unites under the concept that all religious have truth, they will increasingly turn against Christians that claim to have the only truth that man must believe to be saved. Jesus said those that reject the salvation He offers are under condemnation.

We only have about another decade to get the gospel message of God’s grace through faith in what Jesus did, before true Christianity is no longer tolerated in the world. When we get to that point, there is little reason for the Church to remain on earth, so the Rapture will be upon us, if not before. The time left for Christians to work is growing mighty short. You might want to be aware of that.

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