Church Ages (Timelines)

Pre-requisite to understanding the Seven-Church ages, please click here to download the message.

Messenger:- William M. Branham (7th [LAST] Church-Age Messenger)   
Church Age:- Laodicea    
Church Active Years:- 1906-Rapture
Traits:- "People's Opinions" and "People Judged"; The present lukewarm church. One of the worst. 
{American Revolution, until the beginning of the 
Great Tribulation.}


Messenger:- John Wesley (6th Church-Age Messenger)   
Church Age:- Philadelphia    
Church Active Years:- 1750-1906
Traits:- "Brotherly Love"; The Protestant church of the Reformation. 
One of the best. {Martin Luther's 95 Theses, until the 
American Revolution, 1776 AD.}


Messenger:- Martin Luther (5th Church-Age Messenger)   
Church Age:- Sardis    
Church Active Years:- 1520-1750
Traits:- "Of the Flesh"; The Roman Catholic church of the Renaissance. {End of the Crusades, until Martin Luther, 1517 AD.}


Messenger:- Columba (4th Church-Age Messenger)   
Church Age:- Thyatira    
Church Active Years:- 606-1520
Traits:- "Constant Labor" and/or "Guarding the Door"; The early Holy 
Roman Empire. {Reign of Charlemagne, (or Battle of Tours) until end 
of the Crusades, 1290 AD.}


Messenger:- St. Martin (3rd Church-Age Messenger)   
Church Age:- Pergamos    
Church Active Years:- 312-606 AD
Traits:- "Divorce"; The church as the state religion of, and 
spiritually married to, Rome. Edict of Milan, until the reign of 
Charlemagne, 800 AD (or Battle of Tours, 732 AD)


Messenger:- Irenaeus (2nd Church-Age Messenger)   
Church Age:- Symrna    
Church Active Years:- 170-312 AD
Traits:- "Bitter Sweetness"; The Church persecuted under the Roman 
Emperors. {Death of St. John, to Edict of Milan, 313 AD.}


Messenger:- Paul the Apostle (1st Church-Age Messenger)   
Church Age:- Ephesus    
Church Active Years:- 53-170 AD
Traits:- "Not Lasting"; historically, the shortest time. Spiritually, 
it had lost its "first love". {From end of persecution from Nero to 
death of St. John.}