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UK’s May risks “total collapse” of government in Brexit impasse – Sunday Times (1st April., 2019)

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips (20th Nov., 2018)

Texas Church shooting leaves 26 dead, including 8 members of one family (6th Nov., 2017)



How Benjamin Netanyahu and Abbas are fighting not to lose blame game with Trump
(12th May, 2017)
In the fall of 2011, a group of US congressmen decided to block $200 million in State Department funding from reaching the Palestinian Authority. The money, designated for healthcare, state building efforts and food programs, was withheld to try and discourage President Mahmoud Abbas from taking his unilateral bid for statehood to the United Nations


Netanyahu on Iran deal: ‘Let’s look forward’
(10th January, 2016)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vehemently opposed the recently inked Iran nuclear agreement — but now he wants to make sure Iran lives up to its end of the pact.

“Now that it’s done, let’s look forward. Let’s keep Iran’s feet to the fire. Let’s make sure that they keep all their obligations under the nuclear deal. That’s the first thing,” said Netanyahu on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” in an interview aired Sunday.  More Details…
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